On Being Pregnant-The Joys of Pregnancy

February 17, 2009 by  
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Getting pregnant is probably one of the most beautiful things that a women experiences in her life. The experience is nothing short of miraculous and the happiness felt by the couple once their bundle of joy comes out into the world is immeasurable.

Getting pregnant is fairly easy for some couples but not for some. While most women become pregnant after a few tries, there are also couples who wait years before they become pregnant and some even resort to asking professional help from fertility doctors. Once pregnant however, everything changes and the future mother should carefully track her pregnancy carefully until she gives birth.

How does one know she is pregnant? Most women buy home pregnancy test kits to find out if they are indeed pregnant or not. If no kit was purchased, some early signs of pregnancy could signify this condition and these signs include a missed period, morning sickness, dizziness, lack of appetite, paleness and sleepiness. Once these symptoms are present, a woman has to go to her doctor to verify if she is indeed pregnant or not.

Once pregnant, the woman has to ready herself emotionally and physically for her baby’s arrival. It would be good for her to read books on pregnancy so she is aware what to expect while she is pregnant. Aside from books, there are hundreds of websites on the internet which offers tips and insights on what to expect during pregnancy.

Pregnancy calculators are also available on the internet so that the mother-to-be will know more or less when she will be giving birth. Other websites offer a week by week guide on pregnancy so that the mother can see for herself what goes on inside her womb on a weekly basis. In these websites, one can monitor her weekly, monthly and quarterly pregnancy progress. These websites also offers other wellness topics such as nutrition for the mothers and babies, weight monitoring and fitness and other topics.

Pregnancy is not easy for everyone but there are ways to make one’s pregnancy healthy and almost pain-free. While pregnant, one should not forget to exercise to make herself fit and strong. Eating healthy and nutritious food not only benefits the mother so she doesn’t gain so much weight but also the baby.

Mothers-to be should avoid foods high in fats, sugar and salt content since this might cause complications in pregnancy such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Mothers should also quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages since this also has adverse effects on the fetus such as low birth weight.

Once the mother makes sure that she has ditched the bad habits and is taking care of herself all through-out her pregnancy, there should be little for her to worry about. Before she gives birth, the mother should also discuss her options when she gives birth. It would be best if she could discuss a birth plan with her doctor so that she is prepared for any surprises that may arise when she gives birth.

Once the bases are covered, all that the mother has to do is wait until her bundle of joy arrives and experience the true happiness of being a mother.