Menopause: Alternative Remedies

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Unconventional answers to menopausal signs and symptoms that could either prevent or heal it at its early stages include basic changes in one’s diet, physical therapy and an intake of herbal supplements to help the body in its struggle against early menopause. However, these alternative menopause treatments are even more effective when used hand in hand with drug and surgical treatments. In fact, for centuries now, prescription drugs that we commonly use have been using, as main ingredients, botanicals from herbs in its drive to find alternative cures.

What to include in your diet?

Especially for women in their pre-menopause, an inclusion of food rich in phytoestrogens is very helpful in relieving symptoms of menopause. Other food supplements like black cohosh, as well as flaxseed, also brings that much needed menopause relief.

How Botanicals give menopausal relief?

Botanicals such as phytoestrogens and isoflavones which are found in soy products like tofu, soy beans and milk contains weak estrogen that contribute to lowering levels of cholesterol and relieving hot flashes. However, it should be noted that excessive intake of isoflavone supplements is not good for women with breast cancer history. Another kind of phytoestrogens is the edible seed known as flaxseed or linseed which works to lessen menopause symptoms, specifically hot flashes.

Another botanical substance that is easily available is black cohosh which is reported to be very helpful in the treatment of night flashes, and even in addressing vaginal dryness. However, it is not clear whether continued use for more than six months is advisable because it is likely to cause gastrointestinal problems.

Potent oils like evening primrose also relieves hot flashes, despite the lack in scientific basis to this effect. However, women reports to have suffered from nausea and stomach upset with its continued used. Thus, it is advised that women experiencing other health problems and taking other medication should avoid this alternative medicine.

A tried and tested botanical called dong quai which has been used by the Chinese for more than 2 centuries is widely known to give effective menopause relief.

Other Supplements for Menopause-Related Conditions

Osteoporosis and heart diseases are just few of other diseases commonly associated with menopause. Thus, intakes of food supplements that reduce the risk of these diseases also help in reducing the ill signs of menopause. Calcium, vitamins E and D can be found in low-fat dairy products and whole grains. Omega-3 found in fish oil has also been known to decrease cholesterol, although it is not advised for people who are about to undergo a surgery or by those under medication for blood-thinning.

Listen to your Physician

Further research to ensure the safety of using botanical substances is still in its early stages. Thus, while these varied food supplements in your diet may prove helpful to relieving menopause signs and symptoms, it is still advised that one should consult a doctor as regards the proper dosage of these supplements in order to avoid over dosage, or worse, further complications. In addition, your physician could also educate and caution you of the things to watch out when buying products in the market that, most often than not, usually have big claims.