Planning Your Pregnancy-Why You Should Do It?

February 14, 2009 by  
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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for a mother who wants to experience motherhood and the joys of being a parent. To some who are not ready to become parents, pregnancy is not something that they do not want to go through for the moment due to a number of reasons. Since statistics show that there have been quite a number of cases on unplanned pregnancies, one should consider panning their pregnancy so that getting pregnant does not become a burden to them but a beautiful experience.

Once a woman become sexually active, she has to take into consideration that anytime she has sex, there is a huge possibility that she becomes pregnant if she is not protected. Contraceptives play a huge role in preventing unplanned pregnancies and women should be aware that if she is not prepared to become pregnant, she can use contraceptives with the help of her service provider or she can abstain from sex and wait until she becomes ready to become a parent.

Planning one’s pregnancy is something that every woman should take into consideration. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she needs to be healthy and as much as possible worry-free for the entire 9 months that she is pregnant. If her pregnancy is unplanned, this may result in a very worrisome and stressful experience for her which is not only bad for her but also for her baby.

Studies show that when a woman is pregnant and problematic, these results in pregnancy complications such as low birth weight in babies, premature labor and some could also lead to miscarriages. Pregnancy should be a happy experience for a woman not something that she dreads to go through and not being happy during pregnancy affects the baby inside of her.

Aside from the emotional problems, having unplanned pregnancies also has financial repercussions. For one thing, giving birth entails a lot of money and so does raising a baby. After the delivery, the parents need to think about buying diapers and paying for the vaccines that the baby needs so that the baby grows up healthy and strong. If the couple is not financially ready, they won’t be able to provide for their baby’s needs and the baby might grow up sickly and most probably undernourished.

Pregnancy is not something that should be taken lightly. Couples have to remember that taking care and raising a child are serious responsibilities and this should start the minute the woman becomes pregnant. Having a baby is a gift, not a curse so couples have to make sure that they plan their lives as well as their families so that no one suffers in the end. If their lives are planned properly, the children will grow up well loved and well taken care of. If not, more often than not, the children suffer the consequences of their parent’s actions and they end not feeling wanted and needed by their families. Pregnancy is not a game. It is a responsibility and it should be planned.