The Cortisol Weight Loss Myth

March 21, 2009 by  
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Weight loss is never about the miracles; it is always about the myths. In fact, they are so common; there is a high chance that you’ve heard of the latest weight loss myth going around: cortisol. Apparently, it dissolves the fat around your waist. Not true.

Whenever more calories are consumed rather than used, the energy that is left is stored in chemical bonds in-between fatty deposits called adipose tissue. Men’s adipose tissues are usually around the abdomen and the waist; women’s adipose tissues are around the abdomen, thighs, and hips.

As you aim for weight loss, your body will demand more energy that can be supplied by carbohydrates, and will turn to fat for supply. The fat molecules are broken down, releasing the energy that is needed to maintain muscle movement and internal temperature.

However, people cannot control where the body will take the needed fat from. Cortisol is said to help in releasing the fat deposits and breaking down the bonds, but it is not the target for weight loss. To this day, there is no proper technology that can remove these fat deposits for weight loss except mechanical removal like liposuction.

Abdominal exercises, however, may greatly help in weight loss by reducing the fat around the waist. Weight loss this way may be achieved in two ways.

Abdominal exercises usually require a lot of energy since a lot of movement is involved in this way of weight loss. Once the free available energy is used up, the body will rely on fat deposits for more energy. Because of this, the result is weight loss. This is usually done for overall weight loss and one cannot really decide which body part will benefit most. However, most of the fat is present in the human’s waist; naturally, that is what will achieve the most weight loss.

During such vigorous abdominal exercises, these muscles will tend to work harder than others for weight loss. Because of this, those muscles will naturally get stronger. Plus, they will get tone, helping in restoring one’s youthful ability to hold in the stomach for optimum weight loss.

While this happens, there will also be a temporary loss of fluid that helps in initial slimming and weight loss. This will make the waist look slimmer, giving the effect of weight loss. This is a good way to reduce fat and participate in healthy weight loss.

This is not the same as aiming for the fatty deposits that cortisol weight loss supplements will try to sell you. The only real effective weight loss program for optimum fat reduction, no matter which body part, is the old-fashioned way that requires high effort from those wishing to be involved.

A proper weight loss program consists of daily exercise and proper nutrition. This will eventually lead to healthy weight loss and optimum fat reduction that will help your overall self-confidence, as a whole.