Top Secret Fat Loss Secret–A Review

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – A Different Approach on a Weight Loss Program

There is this new book that promotes a weight loss program titled “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.” It is written by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, a doctor and researcher.

She boldly claims that doctors claiming to be diet gurus or fitness experts have been lying or doesn’t really know what they are talking about. She points out that the main problem with weight gain is that it is partly caused by plaque and parasites lined up in the digestive tract that prevents the efficient and fast way of digesting food and eliminating wastes.

“Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” outlines a detox program wherein the plaques are removed and the parasites killed. The cleansing treatment is made from organic herbs and extracts sourced from around the globe.

“Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” starts off with giving tips with what constitutes a healthy diet. This is a good point to start off with since every cleansing diet program hinges on the eating habits of the user. If he or she is at loss of what to eat outside of the detox program, the toxins will just keep getting back.

“Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” also explains the importance of knowing one’s metabolic type. Having this information will help one in identifying the certain types of food that his body is much more adept at processing. This results in better metabolism and thus, retards weight gain. This part shows a long term benefit and can, in itself, prove to be a viable diet program.

The “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” also explains what food types will work best together. This is a really helpful advice for people who feel that even the healthiest diets didn’t seem to work for them because, in truth, the problem may lie in the lack of “cooperation” among foods.

So what is the top secret fat loss secret? As what was mentioned earlier, it revolves around the knowledge that parasites and plaques are present in the digestive tract, particularly the colon. This will result to a sluggish digestive system. Aside from hampering the digestion, these unwanted intruders also prevent you from getting all the nutrition you get from the food you eat. The body compensates for this deficiency in nutrition by asking the brain for more food in form of cravings.

Toxins are also secreted by the parasites to your body causing you more harm. They encourage the organs to protect themselves by putting more layers of fat. This is where weight gain peaks. The top secret fat loss secret really is a detox program to rid you of these toxins. “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” gives you a cleansing diet which claims to rid you of the toxins and thus, trigger a fast weight loss.

Without the top secret weight loss secret, the book will still be a useful piece of diet advice. The information on proper diet and metabolic type are interesting and useful read, one that you can use on a day to day basis. As for the top secret weight loss secret, it is based on sound medical principles and views, and anyone into cleansing and detox diets won’t see it too exaggerated on its claims.

The real strength of the book “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” is its focus on a detox diet, and detoxing is an essential part of weight loss and overall health.