The Truth About Six Pack Abs-A Review

March 11, 2009 by  
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With the thousands of books and videos coming out promising washboard abs in no time, it is no wonder people are getting jaded about shelling out their hard-earned money only to fall victim to yet another scam. It is very difficult to differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to diet and exercise because practically anyone can claim to be an expert and churn out books and videos containing nothing but recycled fads.

When Mike Geary, the so called “six pack abs guru”, came out with The Truth About Six Pack Abs, many people must have flinched at the thought of yet another rip-off. However, going through the e-book yielded many surprising new facts about dieting and exercise which are very interesting.

Unlike most books and videos that simply shove routines and diets up your face, The Truth About Six Pack Abs takes a more careful and scientific approach to weight loss and toning muscles.

The first part of the book actually discusses the structure of the body’s midsection and explains how doing certain movements stimulate the muscles in this area of the body. Readers will be surprised to learn that some traditional exercise routines like doing crunches and twists can do pretty much nothing to help get the ab muscles in shape. Doing these exercises incorrectly can even cause strains and injuries while simple, safe, and easy to follow exercises can deliver much better results. Plus, the book explains the body’s metabolic mechanisms which, in turn, explain why eating certain foods can actually make you lose weight faster.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is quiet comprehensive. We all know that getting in shape is only possible and sustainable with BOTH exercise and proper diet but sometimes it takes someone like Mike Geary to really bring home the point. The book not only discusses routines that target specific muscle groups but it also includes a nutritional plan to complement physical exertion and get the best results.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs includes a menu for the different meals throughout the day with recipes and detailed nutritional information to guide the readers. The recipes are surprisingly easy to follow. The book also identifies the hidden harm that some “health food” can actually do. There is also a discussion about the thermic effect of food and the significance of meal frequency to successful weight management.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs describes more than 50 exercise routines ranging from beginner to more advanced workouts. Again, the book takes a painstaking approach at the mechanics of body movements, analyzing the effects of multi-jointed workouts to fat burning efficacy. Here, Mike dispels the illusion that long cardio workouts will result to more fat burned. In reality, it is the quality of the workout that is essential.

One good thing about The Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it is practical. It is very pragmatic about approaching weight loss and body toning. Diet pills do work but they cost money and not everyone can afford them. Fad diets can show big results in the short term but they are good only if you have nothing else to do but sit around the house. Otherwise, you will either faint or get rapped by the boss for being sluggish at work. Mike provides guidance on choosing the right food by busting “healthy diet” fads that do nothing but provide temporary results. Complicated exercise routines often scare rookies out of the gym. The book features exercises that can be done at home by anyone.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is honest. There is nothing more disappointing about the thousands of fad exercises and diets out in the market today than the empty promise of attaining the dream body for nothing. Many books and videos feature exercises that require virtually nothing but single motion steps to do in front of the television. Rather than promoting an active lifestyle, these fads actually encourage laziness. Imagine duping people into thinking that they can get six pack abs without breaking a sweat!

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is straightforward – if you want washboard abs you will have to work for it. There are no empty promises here only candid advice about the right way to exercise and eating sensibly. Mike himself attests that he only got rock-hard abs through hard and consistent work.

All in all, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, is a good read. It does not promise overnight success but emphasizes the right combination of workout and nutrition. It certainly delivers in clearing out age-old misconceptions about certain diets and exercise routines. Among the many similar books out in the market today, Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs, is certainly well worth the money.