Myths and Realities of Weight Loss

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Weight loss is found to be an arena where spurious scientific data is having a field day. Weight loss programs and weight loss diets are a dime dozen today, all across the world.

There is a flood of data about weight loss programs, considered to be the result of continued weight loss researches. Such is the abundance of it that even real researchers are finding it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, forget the case of ordinary mortals.

How does this scenario help a person who is searching for the right weight loss program? It does not help him at all. He might have to dig his common sense tentacles deep into the mess to ferret out a solid weight loss plan that could help him. However, the search is no impossible deal, so far as a person is ready to follow some common sense rules.

First of all, do not believe in any nutrition experts who appear on the weight loss plan horizon with topsy-turvy claims on nutrition, or invention of special weight loss drugs. Stick to using more tested and proven methods.

Results of research and analyses do vary. Nevertheless, things confirm to a basic pattern as well. Everyone agrees that a weight loss diet should essentially contain carbohydrates, proteins, and other necessary nutrients, and that a good doze of exercise in unavoidable in any weight loss plan.

There are no short cuts or magic formulae for weight loss. The words of whoever promises that should be taken with a pinch of salt. There may be safe weight loss plans, and easy ones, and maybe quick weight loss ideas as well. But surely there is no scenario which combines in it all the three. With all the advancement of technology, there are no instant weight loss solutions. Weight loss continues to be a rather elaborate and lengthy procedure.

Sure, there are no short cuts. But then sticking to a weight loss plan is not definitely as difficult as bungee jumping so that you are almost risking your life when you try to shed a few pounds. Some people so exaggerate things, maybe just because they get a thrill by scaring the pants off others. Discoveries of the world of junk science often swing between such extremes.

Simply put, be cautious and do not overdo it.

There is a weight loss plan that puts the weight loss aspirant on a semi-starvation diet of fruits for three days and then leaves him free to eat other things for the rest of the week. Human body is more likely to appear stressed and sick as a sign of rebellion against such a weight loss diet, rather than appear ready to walk the ramp.

All protein diets are another novel weight loss suggestion. This is also a child of fantasy, for any one with basic education knows that human body requires a balanced diet that is a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and dietary fibers.

As a marketing idea, novelty and variety work brilliantly well. But consumers must have their feet solidly on earth and should not jump at the offer of weight loss plans that promise the moon.

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