Is Surgery The First Option Or Last Option As A Weight Loss Plan?

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A good weight loss diet, that goes hand in hand with a proper regimen of exercises, works as a good weight loss plan for most people. Together, diet and exercises manage to keep a person’s weight at the required healthy level.

However, the rule is not true for all. Part of the problem may lie in their genes, and the rest in an eating disorder, or even just in their lazy demeanor, but flab has enveloped some people so completely that they need help from agencies other than ordinary weight loss diets and weight loss plans.

Fast weight loss diets may work for some in the group, but definitely not for long. Weight loss medication may work for others, but only to a limited extent. Ultimately, the only effective weight loss plan for them would turn out to be surgery.

They will have to choose any one of the available surgeries as an effective weight loss plan. Before opting for one, the risks involved, the result it is likely to produce, and the possible side effects have to be carefully considered.

Surgery, as an option, can be considered a good weight loss plan, in so far as it results in a fairly rapid weight loss. The whole idea is to make the obese person submit to a weight loss diet in an involuntary manner, by reducing his intake of calories as well as restricting the absorption of food into the system.

Gastric bypass surgery, one of the earliest surgical procedures for weight loss, is effective as a weight loss plan. The procedure consists of removing a part of the digestive system and reconnecting the remaining portions. It does result in weight loss, but the users have to depend on nutritional supplements for the remainder of their lives. They are also at higher risk of developing other health related problems due to insufficient intake of nutrition.

Another method, stomach stapling, though a comparatively newer method, is also a good weight loss plan. Though risks cannot be completely ruled out, the surgery has evolved over the last decade to become safer.

The stomach sampling surgery consists of pinning parts of the digestive system with surgical staples. The procedure does not require abdominal incision nowadays. Improvements in weight loss research and laparoscopy have made it possible to drill a hole in the abdominal area and carry out the surgery through it.

This weight loss plan also involves the risk of later health problems due to insufficient nutrition. Patients are forced to be dependent on supplements for lengthy periods. And they are forever handicapped by not being able to eat more than a certain amount of food. The risk of bleeding is also involved.

All surgical weight loss plans work by reducing the digestive system in one way or another. Those who have undergone surgery are able to eat only very little, thereby forcing the body to turn to the fat reserves for energy requirements.

A novel weight loss product is a Lap Band bound across the stomach. Surgery is fully avoided here and band size can be easily adjusted externally, based on the amount of weight loss. The procedure is not painful. Cost is the inhibiting factor here since this weight loss product is expensive and does not come under reimbursable medical insurance.

The plus point of the product is the rapid weight loss ensured here. The minus point is the risk of hormonal changes, which necessitates that the user remains under constant medical observation.

All these surgeries, which are proven weight loss plans, are referred to as bariatric surgeries. They are separately designated as Biliopancreatic Diversion, Sleeve gastrectomy, Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and Adjustable gastric band.

A proper combination of a good weight loss diet, and exercises, is definitely a better weight loss plan than surgery. However, those, who have been fighting a losing battle with other weight loss plans, can opt for this, though only under the guidance of an expert medical practitioner.

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