The Importance of Eczema Skin Care

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If you have eczema, this is a sure indicator that you have very sensitive skin. A person who has eczema would easily get other type of infections due to the high sensitivity of the skin. So the skin care regimen of an eczema patient gains a little more importance than the skin care of others.

The type of water to which an eczema patient exposes herself are important, how well she dries himself and how damp her skin remains are important, and it is also important what types of skin care products she should use.

Eczema is a skin condition that is marked by ‘red, flaky skin, sometimes with cracks or tiny blisters.’ Eczema can be mild or severe, and may be amenable to different eczema treatments. While it responds well to several home remedies for eczema, it can at times be a bit difficult to uproot as well. Eczema can have cycles of ebbing, surging, and ebbing again.

An important aspect of skin care, which eczema patients should take care of, is about keeping the skin clean and moisturized. Eczema or no eczema, dry and parched skin is not good for anyone.

A skin that has enough moisture will be able to retain the natural moisture whereas a dry skin will not be able to do so. That is why a well moisturized skin heals faster. While using skin care products, those who have eczema, or are prone to eczema, should not use cosmetics that would tend to dry the skin, like bubble baths or certain body washes.

Next in the list of importance is the use of soaps and cleaners that an eczema patient should and should not use. Dove soaps and cleansers are recommended for those who have a tendency for eczema. Neutrogena products are also good for use. But those who are prone to eczema should remember not to handle any of the soaps and cleansers in excess.

For those who have a very bad case of eczema, it is better to use Cetaphil, which have a minimum of soap qualities, or they might even have to mange with just soap and water till they get over that bad phase. Another option is using a sorbolene cream for washing. It is a bit difficult to lay down hard and fast rules regarding the use of cleansing agents, since different eczema patients have different skin sensitivities. At least part of the usage decision will have to be managed by individuals through trial and error method.

Emollients are the best friends of eczema patients. It is a sister product of a moisturizer, the only difference being that it is a little oilier in texture so that it aids an eczema prone skin immensely. There are emollient bath oils available which is a must use for eczema patients. A reasonably large measure of the emollient oil should be added to the lukewarm bath water, and after the bath and toweling, before the skin completely dries up, moisturizer should be applied.

The commonly available emollients today are Emulsifying Ointment (HEB), Aqueous Cream (UEA), Epaderm, Oilatum Cream, White Soft Paraffin, and Lipobase with Cetomacrogol. Oilatum Plus, which is ideal for eczema prone skin as a bath additive. Equally good for eczema care are Balneum Plus cream or bath oil and Aveeno products.