How to Resist an Eczema Itch

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An itch is difficult to resist, even if it is just the itch of a small red bump of a mosquito bite. An itch to scratch eczema rash is far more difficult to resist, more so when the eczema is in a bit of flared-up condition. Are there any home remedies for eczema to do the trick?

The first eczema scratch resistant remedy is a preventive remedy that you should never let your skin come to the stage of becoming itchy. Keep the skin well tended and moisturized with emollients so that it is never dry and itchy and scaly.

Use Neutrogena products, or Dove soap and pamper the eczema skin in all possible ways that it never gets a chance to become bad enough to warrant a scratch. For choosing proper eczema skin care products and emollients, a dermatologist can be consulted.

Strong skin lotions or emollients keep the skin moisturized by locking in the existing moisture by forming a protective coat over the skin. Emollients that protect an eczema skin can come as oils, creams, ointments, and lotions. You can take the help of a health care provider for suggestions on the suitability of the different types of lotions and creams, but you can also decide on the suitability of any lotion on your body by assessing how effective it is in moisturizing your skin.

One eczema scratch preventive mechanism is an oatmeal bath. Prepare one with a cup or two of your Quaker oats and lukewarm water or use Aveeno’s readymade product. After the oatmeal bath, prepare a mixture of colloidal oatmeal and cocoa butter and a dash of shea butter and apply on the eczema affected parts. The combined action of all these would moisturize the skin a lot, reducing the itch to scratch.

Another helpful itch-preventer is Emu oil, which is prepared from the subcutaneous fat on the back of the famed Emu bird of Australia, and is a good emollient with anti-inflammatory properties. Application of the oil on the areas that have an eczema flare-up will reduce the itching and flakiness of skin associated with eczema. When you feel like scratching, also try applying corticosteroid creams. It will lessen the severity of itching and you will be able to control better the tendency to scratch.

And one mechanical solution to minimize the damage by scratching an eczema skin is to keep the nails fully trimmed all the time. Scratch by a blunt finger is likely to inflict less damage on the affected area. And if the eczema skin gets injured by scratching, take care to clean up the wound and apply some antibiotic cream and protect it till it heals again.

Taking omega 3 fatty acid dietary supplements will also aid in reducing the eczema itch. Whatever else you take or not, continuous moisturizing by emollients is a must for eczema. An eczema patient’s emollients should be free of alcohol and scents. Those who want can switch from moisturizing creams in winter to moisturizing lotions in summer and then back to creams in winter, even though emollients all year long would be the ideal solution for eczema patients.