How Not to Scratch the Eczema Itch

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Itch is the biggest curse of eczema. There are natural cures for eczema, and there are also home remedies for eczema. Much of the ingredients that go into the making of these cures are available at home i, or at some stores of alternative medicines.

There are also over the counter medicines, and drugs are available with the doctor’s prescription, which can substantially control the itching problem related to eczema.

The first natural cure for eczema is that the skin should never be kept dry. With a skin that is regularly moisturized, one can minimize the chances of getting eczema. The best way in which it can be done is by moisturizing the skin twice a day, in the morning at the beginning of the day, and at night before retiring to bed, with an emollient.

An emollient is basically a moisturizer itself, though it is slightly oilier than an ordinary moisturizing lotion or cream. There are emollient oils for body application or for adding to the bath, as per an individual’s preference. If it is ideal as an eczema prevention, it is good even otherwise for the skin. In summer emollients can be kept in the fridge and used for added coolness.

Another natural cure for eczema is an oatmeal bath. Just one or two cups of oats can be added to the bathwater that should ideally be lukewarm. It is very good for killing the itch associated with eczema, by reducing skin inflammation. It is one of the good home remedies for eczema, and those who have more itching, should prepare a larger bath with a larger quantity of water and oats. While the ordinary oats that is used for porridge is good enough, eczema patients also have the option of buying Aveeno’s oatmeal bath packet, which is powdered oatmeal that can be readily mixed with bath water.

Another natural cure for eczema is a skin wash with a mixture of certain herbs. You can mix together one teaspoon each of comfrey root, white oak bark, and slippery elm bark in two cups water. The mixture should then be boiled for 35 minutes and left to cool. The cool mixture can be applied to eczema affected parts and it will substantially reduce the itching, even if it may not completely quell it.

Other home remedies for eczema include using lotions that contain blueberry leaves extracts. Blueberry contains a natural form of acid that can reduce the eczema inflammation. Zinc pills have also been found to be effective in treating eczema. This can be applied on the affected area, or taken orally.

Other natural cures for eczema that control eczema itch are shark cartilage tablets and vitamin E application. For eczema cure, it is important that synthetic vitamin E should not be used, since human body cannot use it. Natural vitamin E can be differentiated from synthetic vitamin E by carefully looking at the label because natural vitamin E will be labeled d-alpha tocopherol, whereas synthetic vitamin E will be labeled dl-alpha tocopherol.

There are various products that can be used to cure eczema, so you too can have a healthy, beautiful and eczema-free skin.