Cold Sores – Remedies and Cures

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What are cold sores? At first you notice this light, itchy sensation along the lip area. But as the days pass, you then notice some reddish, tiny circles by the mouth or lip area. These reddish circles begin to swell, and blisters begin to form and hurt, and then it replicates.

These blisters are what they call cold sores. So, what causes these cold sores? The causes of cold sores narrow down to one, the herpes simplex virus. This herpes virus is contagious and usually penetrates the body through a break in the skin, most commonly around the mouth or lips. The virus then enters the nerve cells and out to skin forming the herpes cold sores.

The common symptoms of cold sores include itching and slight pain around the mouth, fever and swollen blisters in the same area. Usually, these sores contain a clear liquid which leaks out from blisters. And in some cases, very high fever and bleeding occurs, which requires medical care. Since it is contagious, one should know how to prevent cold sores and how to get rid of cold sores fast.

Since cold sores are viral infections and they spread out fast, it is best to avoid direct skin contact with people who have the blisters. There should be no direct contact like kissing, and sharing of used of items like towels, utensils, or lip balm. You should always keep your hands clean at all times before and touching anything or anyone. But what it you’re already infected, how to get rid of cold sores?

Although cold sores generally clear up in time, there are a lot of recommended home remedies for cold sores. One of the most effective remedies for cold sores is pressing and rubbing ice on the affected area. This procedure slows down the metabolism of the area, greatly slowing growth and replication of the cold sores. The ice can also keep the sore smaller and keeps the virus from spreading. This process is an excellent treatment for cold sores.

Rubbing and applying aloe or lemon balm extract on the sores is also a great cold sores treatment. Not only would it lessen the size of the sore, but would also alleviate the itch and he pain. Another proven home remedy for cold sores is by applying cornstarch paste to the affected area. Application of vitamin E topically over the sores is also an effective cure for cold cores.

Cold sores remedies are mostly over-the-counter creams and ointments. Some of these creams are will only give momentary comforting and pain relieving effect, while the others are known to be effective cures in getting rid of cold sores. Other medications are also in the form of pills to be taken orally for cold sores relief. One example of this is the L-lysine, which is an important amino acid needed by the body to fight certain kinds of viral infections.

Although these remedies are recommended and proven to be very effective, the patient still needs consult medical professionals before taking or applying any medication.