What is Reflexology and Learning It

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What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of light pressure on certain points on your hands and feet. This is done with a view to stimulating the nerve endings at those points. The impulse of the stimulation travels through the nerves to the organ of the body to which it leads. The specific organ is stimulated to perk up its functionality with the increased blood flow.

Toxins are also released in the course of this stimulation. That is the reason why it is advised to drink a lot of water after reflexology treatment – to wash out the toxins from the body. Reflexology treatments also relax and de-stress the whole body.

Reflexology can be combined with other forms of alternative therapies such as ayurveda, aromatherapy, homeopathy and other herbal treatments for holistic health. Those who have a strong leaning towards natural and organic foods, home grown herbal ingredients can also be a good idea.

Learning Reflexology

Of the many alternative and complimentary therapies of treatment of medical disorders, reflexology technique is apparently the simplest and hence easiest to learn. There are no tools involved other than your own hands and fingers. Familiarizing oneself with the reflexology charts, foot reflexology and hand reflexology technique sums up the learning.

Learning reflexology will save you money and time involved in keeping up visits with the reflexology practitioner. Having learnt the skill you can treat yourself as well as your family members at no further cost.

There is the added benefit of practicing reflexology therapy on yourself or your family members at your most convenient time unlike the practitioner designated time slot.

Being one of the best stress managing therapies, reflexology can be practiced whenever you feel out of sorts and you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated again.

Our bodies can be filled with toxins from some of the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe, and it becomes necessary for us to detoxify our bodies. Reflexology can boost our bodies’ natural detoxing mechanism.

Getting trained in reflexology from a reputed institute can enable you to set up your own practice. You can practice on others and earn money. You can practice on yourself and family and save money.

There are a number of reflexology home study courses as well as books and DVDs available today. Free hand reflexology charts, free feet reflexology charts and printable reflexology charts are available on the internet. Using online courses, you can learn at home at your own time, your own speed and at lesser cost.