The Power of Visualization in Self Improvement through Hypnosis

May 10, 2009 by  
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Life can be a roller coaster for many, if not for all, with plenty of hurdles on the way. So, to make it to where they want to reach, people have to jump over the hurdles, and not buckle at the sight of it. And one way in which they can achieve their goals is through using the practice of hypnosis.
For self improvement through hypnosis, you can hypnotize yourself. For that, first of all you have to choose a place that will be completely free of outside disturbances. Seat yourself on a chair or a couch, keeping your body in a completely relaxed way and not forgetting the problem that you are trying to overcome by hypnosis.
To undergo hypnosis, remove all feelings of stress, fear, or anxiety from the mind and try to focus on the thought processes and on your abilities. Try to view the unnecessary thoughts with a sense of detachment and they will be removed on their own as hypnosis advances.
Next important stage in hypnosis is visualization of images. Try to envisage the hurdle of your life as a wall at a distance. Then, make the image loom closer, as if you are nearing the wall, and getting a clearer picture of its every detail. To hypnotize yourself fully, take slow, deep breaths, and while exhaling the negative thoughts will leave you more and more.
As you look more closely at the wall in front, try to find out why you want to cross that hurdle. As the hypnosis proceeds, try to figure out the positive aspects of overcoming the hurdle, and on the rewards which await after the crossing of the hurdle.
As the visual imagery proceeds during hypnosis, it will be easier to analyze what that wall represents in your life. Hypnosis makes you realize that it is only a limiting belief, a conditioning of the mind by the subconscious. During hypnotherapy, this realization dawns on its own, for you will see the signs of inhibition on the wall. After a certain stage, a subject of hypnosis does not have to maneuver anything himself.
The next stage of self hypnosis is a dialogue to the wall in that hypnotic state of mind. Since the mind would have by then revealed what that wall is, i.e. what that inhibiting factor is, it is easy let loose forces to counteract with it and bring it down. Once the wall is brought down, it is easy to visualize the wide open place of infinite potentials there. That, in effect, ends the process of hypnosis. One session of hypnosis is over. Based on the success of it you can also have another session of self improvement through hypnosis after a few days.
Once you have achieved what you want, give yourself a little time to come back to the conscious world. Then close the chapter of hypnosis and open your eyes. Opening the eyes brings you back from the realm of hypnosis. You will feel completely relaxed and refreshed and may look forward to another session of hypnosis.