No Longer Seasick if You Hypnotize Yourself

May 5, 2009 by  
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Just long distance travel in a car or a bus is enough for motion sickness to be unleashed in some people who are prone to this medical condition. While this may be comparatively rare, air sickness is more common, while sea sickness is extremely common. And this is an arena where hypnotism can help the sufferer substantially.

Motion sickness results from the confusion between the reports made to the brain by the eye and the ear. Ear picks up the signals of motion while eye picks up the vision of the stationary things around. This creates a sort of imbalance causing nausea. The ability of hypnosis to redeem the situation is based on the connection between relaxation and hypnosis.

Even before hypnotherapy can be considered, there are ways in which the discomfort of nausea can be contained. Turning one’s head, lying down, or closing the eyes are some of these. Shifting concentration to points slightly ahead, especially while traveling in a car, can also reduce queasiness. These posture shifting can always be tried, whether one wants to try hypnosis or not. However, besides these, self hypnosis is one effective form of hypnosis for treating motion sickness. There is also an acupuncture related remedy where wrist bands can be worn on both arms to apply pressure on the acupuncture points created there.

The drug Dimenhydrinate has also been found to be effective, though unlike hypnosis, these may have side effects. Hypnotherapy is always risk free.

Motion sickness sometimes results from the tightening of muscles and increase in blood pressure during traveling. Here also hypnosis, and image visualization that is connected with hypnosis, can substantially help. The relaxation steps that can control nausea and headache, which are steps of hypnosis, are the following:

1. Close the eyes to minimize contact with the surrounding world.
2. Inhale and exhale slowly.
3. Visualize an atmosphere where everything is calm, serene, and soothing by its calmness.
4. Concentrate on this place as is done during hypnosis.

This mode of relaxation is self hypnosis. Here nausea can be controlled by imagining that you are not struck by nausea and that you are in fact hale and hearty and enjoying yourself. This is also relief hypnosis and very similar to self improvement hypnosis.

Transform technique is a simple technique in hypnosis which can bring about a positive change. You can imagine anything like a bee, bird, or flower. Then change any of the attributes of that object mentally, by imagining about it in that altered state. In a mind under hypnosis this is not difficult as positive suggestions can easily bring about the desired goals here. The subconscious mind that is more powerful during hypnosis can easily bring about the change in the mind’s eye.

During self hypnosis you can convince yourself of any experience. Motion sickness can be easily controlled this way. The swaying movements of a vessel that you are in can be compared to the swinging steps of a dance, or the tempo of a beautiful melody. Hypnotize yourself again and again by focusing on those soothing cadences and you will not even know that the vehicle is moving or that you are queasy. That is the power of hypnosis.