Mind Controls the Body by Hypnosis

May 4, 2009 by  
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In much of the western system of medicine to which all of us are used today, body and mind are treated separately. Drugs are administered separately for physical ailments and mental ailments. In stark contrast to this is the ancient eastern systems of medicine which saw mind and body as a unified whole and treated it as such. Acupuncture, hypnosis, reiki, homeopathy, yoga, are all examples of this viewpoint. However, these ancient modes of treatment have now gained popularity and people tend to train mind to cure bodily problems. Hypnotherapy is a typical example of this mode of healing.
Mind stores much more information than we are actually conscious of. Quite a lot of what mind stores comes back to us at unexpected moments. And human body is basically designed for healing itself with guidance from mind. What hypnosis essentially does is bring mind and body together in such a way that mind has better control over the body. The way, in which hypnotherapy uses the mind, makes the mind a healing agent for the body.
The way we talk, or the way we act, are essentially considered mind’s processes. But these can have tremendous impacts on the body. It is this understanding that hypnosis effectively uses in its healing process. In the synergy of body and mind, the body heals itself, whether this is done by self hypnosis, or is initiated by a hypnotist.
Everything that we do affects the mind, and the mind retains pretty much. Whether we realize it or not, all the violence, lack of integrity, and deceit that we see on screen, online, or experience directly, leave indelible marks on us. Our mind internalizes these values, and refuses to let go of these, unless it is induced to do so by an outside agency. A hypnotist, or a hypnotherapist, functions as that badly required outside agency.
Our minds absorb things that we are constantly exposed to, whether they are good or bad. These are stored in the subconscious, even if our conscious mind does not concur with those ideas. By hypnosis, these ideas embedded in the subconscious are erased. Whether through self hypnosis, or through one induced by a hypnotherapist, a fresh set of rules get written there.
We either over-react to stress, or give up the fight pretty fast. These are reflex actions resulting from the activity of the extra hormones produced on the spur of the moment. Hypnosis can teach us how to balance these sudden reactions and calm the mind.
The autonomous nervous system controls much of the routine body functions. The sympathetic nervous system controls the sudden involuntary actions. The parasympathetic nervous system is what responds to relaxation techniques and betters the activity of the immune system, reproductive system, and digestive system. All forms of hypnotism have its effects on the parasympathetic nervous system.
By its ability to unite the body and the mind, and control the former using the latter, hypnosis relaxes an individual and increases his power of concentration and self control. The essence of what the science of hypnosis tells us is that a healthy mind is the first requisite for a healthy body.