How Instant Self Hypnosis Can Cure Anger and Panic

May 2, 2009 by  
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In today’s world, it can be diccult to achieve a stress free lifestyle. So, what are we to do to control that ubiquitous thing called stress? One of the ways in which it can be conquered is by self hypnosis. By proper administration of self hypnosis, mind can be calmed substantially and will remain at repose. In self hypnosis you learn how to hypnotize yourself. It will be ideal if done under the guidance of a trained hypnotist. Once you understand how to manage self hypnosis, it will help you to get out of many bottlenecks.
The stress response of ‘fright, fight or flight’ is very common so that the instant reaction to stress is either getting frightened, angry, or panicky. With instant self hypnosis you can get over this conundrum. Once a person has grasped the intricacies of self hypnosis, whenever he feels that a situation is getting out of control, he can instantly resort to instant self hypnosis. This is a form of hypnotherapy that can be useful to all types of people. Instant self hypnosis can be handy for anyone who wants to free himself of everyday tensions and stresses. It will be extra useful for those who are short tempered.
To be able to do instant self hypnosis, an individual has to be trained by a hypnotherapy expert first. The learning process is unlikely to be over in one session and it may take a couple of sessions for a person to become adept in self hypnosis. In self hypnosis a person is trained to visualize a tranquil and beautiful garden or abode to which he can escape whenever he is angry or is at the mercy of uncontrollable emotions. Once an individual masters the art of self hypnosis, during every recurring occasion, it will be easier for him to go through the process. After a few times, he will be able to reach the necessary state of calmness pretty fast by doing self hypnosis. By that stage the induction of hypnosis would become possible for him by imagining a simple word or image.
For people who get hot under the collar pretty fast, instant self hypnosis is a real panacea for half their problems. The same goes for people who become nervous or panic very fast. Instant self hypnosis can also work for people who have a relatively low self esteem, or are finding it difficult to get into good relationships. Self hypnosis is a simple process whereby we remove the negative thoughts out of the system and make our subconscious mind believe in our abilities and talents, outwitting the conscious mind that forces us to believe the reverse.
‘Practice makes perfect.’ It is a rule applicable to all disciplines, and all processes. Self hypnosis also needs some practice to be mastered. And you have also got to convince the mind that self hypnosis is going to work for you. If both these factors combine, self hypnosis will soon be a more powerful remedy for you than any prescription drug.