Stress – All about Stress

Stress is a word that always brings about negative feelings; however, psychologists believe that stress can be a positive thing. In reality, only individuals can evaluate their own physical and mental state when it comes to stress.

Imagine two individuals: one professional skier in the Olympics and one college senior about to take his finals. The skier has prepped himself for ages for this contest, while the senior hardly even revised for his test.

If seen from a physiological view, both individuals will pretty much be experiencing the same things, like rapid breathing and heartbeat, a higher metabolism and more active sweat glands. From a psychological view, they will both pretty much be experiencing the same things, as well, like more thoughts and concentration, vivid imagery and a higher sensitivity to emotions.

However, from the psychological perspective, there are some differences. While the skier experiences an exhilaration for the task ahead and an eagerness to win, the senior will be full of fear and doubt.

Both individuals are currently experiencing stress and feeling stress, but there are important differences. The skier sees himself in a place where he wants to do the challenge because he has faith in his abilities; the senior, however, knows that he is nowhere near prepared and faces a lower grade and ultimate failure.

Both individuals do not yet know the ultimate outcome for certain, but they both see themselves in different cases in the end. The skier may end up not winning and disappointing himself and see failure in his future. The senior may have to retake the class before considering graduation.

These are very simple examples of stress, but the patterns when it comes to stress are usually the same. Whether elation or stress is present, it all depends on your circumstances and your own beliefs in yourself.

Therefore, it can be said that stress has double meanings. One, that it is a higher awareness through the physiological symptoms of stress and two, that it is a mixture of worry and fear. The latter will show negative stress health symptoms since they can harm one physically. But individuals have two aspects and the psychological part of stress also needs to be taken into consideration.

Stress – The Causes of Stress

It is hard to pinpoint the causes of stress because it could really be anything and it is different from one person to the next.

Whether it’s from losing a job, discovering an illness or ending a romantic relationship, stress is prevalent everywhere in the modern world. The reactions of people in these situations, however, differ greatly from each other. Some may be anxious, while others may be stoic. Some may enjoy the challenge of finding someone new, while others may feel alone and wallow in despair.

All the causes of stress generally involve both external and internal feelings.

Losing a job may cause stress since there is always the visualization of the loss of income and the worry about where money will be coming from, from then on. To some, however, this could look like the opportune moment to branch out and find a better job for the future.

On the same note, ending a romantic relationship may cause stress. However, this usually doesn’t last very long. In most cases, the person who has experienced the loss will come to see that this isn’t an end, but a beginning. Reactions differ from each person because everyone is one-of-a-kind and thus view their experiences in a different light.

People within the same culture usually have views and outlooks in common. But because individuals are individual people, they may share some physical risks.

When faced with a dangerous animal, for instance, almost anyone will find themselves under stress. Also, several health problems, such as arthritis, cancer, or a major operation, will show real stress health. Other non-threatening situations may also be met with stress, such as unfair work treatment or disrespect.

The causes of stress hardly have anything to do with external circumstances; it is more about a person’s expectations of where they see their future and their capabilities in reaching their dreams.

Although everyone might be under stress if they need a tumor removed, some people might feel less stress because they believe in their good health. And although everyone might feel a little stress when it comes to losing a job, some people might feel better about it because they have a certain amount of confidence in their ability in finding another one.

This just shows that the causes of stress have a lot to do with a person’s behavior and attitude. If you believe you can get over predicaments easily without feeling a major loss, you will find less cause to feel stress.