Acne Free – The Choice is Yours

Have you ever watched the different commercials on TV where gorgeous women pose as models for items ranging from clothes to shoes to perfumes and even detergents? Have you ever noticed how flawless their skin is on TV? Makes you wonder how they can have such beautiful, perfect skin doesn’t it? But truth is not everyone is born with perfect skin.

Most people face acne problems during their adolescence but anyone is prone to having acne. Having acne can be really frustrating especially if breakouts occur. Some people have a case of back acne which can be a harder problem to deal with because of its location. Majority of acne sufferers have the tendency of pricking their zits thinking it would make them disappear. But this is not the case. When zits are pricked, it can result to an even uglier condition because it can lead to acne scars. These scars are very unsightly to look at and much harder to remove. If you know someone who has acne scars, then you are aware of how these scars attract the attention of people who discriminate against those who have less than perfect skin.

If you do some research about what causes acne and who is prone to it, you will find a lot of materials on this because this is a condition which can happen to just about anyone. Some experience acne during puberty, while some have it when they are adults. Some women also experience acne during their pregnancy. There are several reasons why one can suffer from acne and the most common were excessive oil production, stress, genetics, bacteria and hormones. If you are suffering from acne, it would be best to see a dermatologist so that she will be able to assess the cause of your condition.

Dermatologists love to see their patients acne free so they thoroughly evaluate each patient’s case so proper acne medication can be given. Instructions as to how and how often these medications are to be applied will be given by the dermatologist as well as the tips on how to properly care for the skin to prevent future bouts with acne. With the regimen followed strictly, it will not take long to become acne free. Under acne medication, the zits will dry up and dead skin will slough off leading to a clearer skin.

It may also be required that once the skin has cleared up, a maintenance regimen is used to keep the skin clear. However, if you have experienced acne in the past, there is a greater chance of having them once in awhile. But nowadays, that is not to worry since a lot of skin care acne products have been introduced in the market in the quest to have a smoother, blemish-free skin.

Just be sure that your dermatologist approves of these acne products so that you know they are working to keep your skin clear and will not worsen your condition. Know that the choice to be acne free is really yours and you need to take the first step to clearer skin.