Skin Conditions

Skin Condition Concern–Acne and You

Otherwise known as dermatologic disorders, skin conditions are largely caused by irritation, clogging or inflammation of the skin that manifests through reddening, itching, burning or swelling of the skin. While some skin problems may be genetically-acquired, some are due to allergies, immune system problems, and irritants. Generally, these skin problems can affect a person’s self confidence.

The common skin problems that people today worry and complain about are acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, and age spots. Although there are differing theories on the causes of acne, professionals and beauty experts agree that acne and other skin problems are caused mainly by one’s diet and environment.

One of the most common skin conditions among the young and old alike is acne. This is a disorder of the glands that secretes oil in the skin, more specifically called the sebaceous glands. When this gland secretes excessive amount of oil, it often results to chronic blackheads, pimples, and white heads that recur over time. They are usually found on the face, at the back, and on the shoulders. This is prevalent among teens in their adolescence when the oil glands secrete oil at the highest level. It is also the time when teens first encounter stress, menstruation, and emotional problems.

Aside from oil, dirt and dead skin are also some other causes of acne. When dirt and oil accumulate inside your skin’s pores, they plug these pores and prevent the normal flow of sebum and, thus, bacteria and internal toxin develop.

Allergies, poor diet, environmental pollution, dehydration, heredity, too much exposure to the sun, and a weakened immune system are just some contributing factors to the formation of acne.

A healthy diet plus an effective day to day skin care schedule is important if you want to get rid of your acne. Essential oils like tea tree, lemon, neroli, and aloe vera are helpful in healing those blemishes fast in just a few days. They also help protect your skin from those bacteria that cause blemishes.

Indeed, acne is a concern which is very much treatable and it only needs you to do your part for you to combat it. There are some effective creams and treatments that you can use to get rid of acne. However, if despite your efforts, the condition worsens, you should get proper medical advice lest it be a sign of a more serious skin condition.