Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes: How It Could Change Your Life

We take responsibility for our every action that could affect our life and those of the people around us. Washing our hands clean will definitely not do the trick when it comes to sexually-transmitted diseases. Undoing what is already done would simply be too late in the day. Thus, before contracting STDs such as genital herpes, it is best that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Genital herpes is a kind of sexually-transmitted disease that results from the so-called herpes simple virus types 1 and 2. It is a common virus that is transmitted during sexual intercourse and is highly contagious. It could also scare you to know that it is incurable, though ways have been found to control it.

Both men and women could be infected with genital herpes which is characterized by fever blisters or open sores in the areas of the genitals. However, the absence of any manifest symptom does not mean that the disease could not be transmitted anymore. In fact, even though the sores have already healed, carriers could still transmit the infection of this particular sexually-transmitted disease. Like a thief in the night, it is just out there waiting for you to lose some sense of discretion in your head or to be off your guard.

Some carriers do not even know that they already have been infected because the infection could still be transmitted even though no sores are visible, thus, making the transmission even more appalling. Direct contacts that could spread this disease may be through oral sex, sexual intercourse, kissing, or any kind of contact with the skin.

True enough, learning about the risks could steer you away from trouble. The disadvantage of not being sexually proactive and educated is seen by the facts showing that of the 50 million people in the United States who are infected with genital herpes, 80-90% of those do not know what the symptoms are or do not exhibit any symptom at all. Those poor people having very little education and those who are promiscuous in their sexual relations tend to have the highest percentage of infection of genital herpes. Being loyal may be old-fashioned but it saves you a lifetime of guilt-stricken conscience.

Truth be told, believing you could have a normal life after having contracted genital herpes is a mere wishful thinking. Those who sincerely claim otherwise must have undergone a radical change in point of view or some extraordinary healing process of the soul. Regardless of any other sound argument, you know you are not the same person you once knew. Your every relationship will suffer and people will judge you without first hearing what you have to say. Living each day with much regret in your heart is the most miserable thing that could happen to anybody. Thus, the moral lesson in this is that if you could not handle the consequences of your actions, it is best that you avoid the things that could lead you to perdition.