Joint Pain

Joint Pain – Joints Most Targeted

While all the joints of the body have a likelihood of getting afflicted with joint pain, some joints are more susceptible to joint pains than others..

Shoulder joint pain: Shoulder is made of a number of bones and related components which offer several orthogonal movements. Pain in the shoulder joints is caused commonly in sporting activities like football and soccer where the ball is hit by the shoulder or the shoulder is hit by the ball. In baseball and cricket, the ball is pitched rolling the shoulder which sometimes injures the shoulder and causes pain. Sometimes the pain occurs, only much later in life as a chronic pain or as arthritis pain, after having repeatedly pitched the ball with the shoulder. Any shoulder pain should be immediately attended to else the injured tendons will grow back in the wrong direction and cause further damage.

Elbow joint pain: Elbow joint pain is mostly associated with sports and work environment. Pain and inflammation in these joints is common in games like baseball, racquetball, tennis and cricket and assembly work in a factory. The affliction is mostly tendonitis. Tendonitis is injury to or inflammation of tendons which attach the muscles to the bones. Repetitive use of the joints causes this affliction. The range of movement of the joints is restrained due to pain and inflammation.

Back joint pain: Back joint pain could most potentially be caused by problem in the synovial joints of the spine. The most likely cause could be tearing of muscles around, weakening of the muscles, structural changes in the skeleton at the joint or even a mild inflammation. Too soft or too hard bed, poor sleeping posture, bending improperly to lift objects, improper exercising, sitting for long on a non-ergonomic chair could cause back joint pain.

Sacroiliac joint pain: The joint between the base of the spine called the sacrum and the ilium of pelvis is called the sacroiliac joint or SI joint in short. The three are connected with ligaments. Any pain in these joints is known as sacroiliac joint pain or SI joint pain.

What exactly causes the hip joint pain, the sacroiliac joint pain is still not known but when there is pain, injury or inflammation here, the pain radiates all the way to the hips and legs. The pain could be because of injury, dislocation, arthritis, spondylitis, improper use of joints, disease or repeated use.

Knee joint pain: Knee joint pain is mostly caused as a result of sports injury or misguided exercising. Injury is characteristically of the ligaments. It is very common in sports like basketball, soccer and football. Jobs which involve constantly standing on one’s feet is also likely to bring in this kind of impact. Another common condition called chondromalacia patella which is the degeneration of cartilage beneath the kneecap also gives knee joint pain.

Toe joint pain: Toe joints are more susceptible to problems compared to other joints of the feet. Toe joint pain is mostly inflicted on the big toe. It is due to wear and tear of the toe. Mechanical stress on the toe caused while walking and pressure exerted on the toes by shoes also cause this pain. This condition is also called osteoarthritis. A rheumatologist may be consulted for proper diagnosis and management. He may even refer the case to a podiatrist who can prescribe exercises by way of treatment and suitable footwear.