Back Pain

Back Pain – 3 Alternative Treatments for Relief

Back pain can be caused by several factors: spinal stenosis, herniated disc, muscle stress, osteoporosis and so much more. Immediate treatments that people turn to would usually be medication and pain relievers. But more often, these forms of treatment are just temporary and do not address the real underlying cause of the pain problem. And if ever you do wish to address the true reasons of these problems, sometimes, these kinds of treatments (herniated disc treatment, sciatica treatment, etc) could come very expensive and costly.

So what should one do? More and more people are now turning to alternative treatments for sure relief of back pains. Listed below are 3 of the alternative measures that target back pain and how do they really work So read on and maybe, you’ll finally find the needed relief once you’ve tried it yourself.

1. Acupuncture
This is a technique of inserting needles into the human body targeting specific points of the body for the purpose of relieving pain and therapy. Target points are often also related to important anatomical part of the human body such as the nerves. For curing back pains, acupuncturists usually focus on nerves in the cervical and lumbar spine. One of the best parts of this technique is that it has no side effects or whatsoever as compared to taking medication.

If you do prefer to use this alternative way of treatment, it would still be best to ask expert advice from your doctor if your kind of condition is safe or suitable for acupuncture treatment (although there are still some practitioners that have doubts on the effectiveness of this alternative medicine)

2. Chiropractic stimulation
This kind of treatment for back pain focuses more on pains that are caused by muscle stress and tension. This treatment consists of manual therapy and stimulation of the spine, joints and other soft tissues. Chiropractic stimulation has been proven by many patients in the past to be an effective way of curing most back pains compared to the conventional ways of treatment.

Chiropractors manipulate joints by extending them beyond the normal range of movements but just enough not to damage or dislocate them. Techniques use simple movements to massage and stimulate areas in the spine and address the pain issue.

And because spinal manipulations are always very crucial, it would still be better to ask your doctor if this type of treatment is safe for your condition. Having spinal lesions, spondylolisthesis or ruptured invertebral disc condition may be very dangerous with chiropractic stimulation so know the underlying reason for your back pain first before going under this kind of treatment.

3. Exercise
This is a simple and effective cure for back pains caused by muscle spasms. But for some cases, exercise may just be a temporary way or relieving pain and when it comes to the back, any kind of massage should be done with a licensed medical professional. But still, this is always preferred to the usual pain relievers that may give harmful side effects to the body.

So to everyone who is experiencing back pains today, consult your physician first before choosing to undergo alternative treatment. Knowing the real reason for your pain will help you determine if using alternative ways will really address your problem or not.