Causes of Depression: Discovering its Roots

Just like any other mental disorder, the cause of depression may be very complicated, involving several factors. But it is very important for us to delve deep into the main reason why such a damaging metal disorder can happen to even our most perky and positive friends and loved ones. Knowing the root of the cause could mean being able to find effective means of treatments for depression. This also means that we can now avoid these kinds of situations from ever occurring in our lives again.

Listed below are the possible causes why depression happens in all varieties of people. Read on and get the most number of information on depression as you can. Remember, information is awareness and awareness always means prevention.

1. Hormonal factors
This is the most common reasons for depression among women. Hormonal changes during pre-menstrual period, menstruation, before during and after menopause, miscarriage and post partum period. Decreased serotonin activity in the body could lead to the unusually and persistent low feeling among depressed individuals. The lack of other vitamins such as Vitamin B and folic acid as well has contributed to the hormonal imbalance that could lead to depression.

2. Stresses at work, at home
Stress at the workplace, at home, failures of plans could also lead to depression. Most people who face challenges and problems in their lives and go through them without the proper support system or without the help of family and friends could lead them to the road of depression.

And once a patient is under treatment for depression, this kind of support from people important to them is also valuable for their recovery and healing.

3. Childbirth
Aside from the hormonal changes that happen after child birth, that new responsibility of having bearing a new person into this world may sometimes be too much for a woman and could possibly lead her to depression. This happen to both first time mothers and even women who have born children before under perfectly normal physical and mental conditions.

Although post partum depression is common among new mothers, prolonged depression is no longer normal and should be given immediate intervention for the health of both the baby and the mother.

4. Old age
Depression among the older people is very common. When people are and retire and can no longer do the things they used to do, they always fall into the stage of self-pity and depression.

5. Side effects of medication
Some medications can bring about depression especially for older people. Usually when this happens, therapy and anti-depressant medication is given to counter the condition. Therapy is also done for patients who refuse to take medication.

So to everyone, do take note of these reasons. When these situations occur in the life of a loved one or in yours, you will be able to recognize depression if it knocks down your door. Just remember, this condition is not meant to be solved alone. You need all the depression help you can get, and that is nothing to be ashamed about.