Gut Health

Gut Health – The Basics to a Healthy Tummy

Health is one thing we really value in a world full of pollution and undesirable lifestyles. A healthy life is very important in our everyday living. We can’t go to work or school if we’re sick. But have you ever stopped and thought, what is one body system that we usually neglect to take care of? Well, most of us are primarily concerned with our heart, liver and our brain systems. Nobody in the world would ever consider taking a look at the system that we continuously batter with alcohol, junk and unhealthy food, and the like. Yes, that’s right,– its no other than our gastrointestinal system. Our gut health is one serious matter to deal with.

Our gut health is mainly cornered on these prime organs – the mouth, esophagus, the stomach, the small and large intestines, the pancreas and the liver. Each of these organs plays a very important role in order to set normal functions. The mouth is where chewing and tearing of food components occur. These particles are brought down through the esophagus and then to our stomach. The stomach contains certain acids and enzymes to break down food into absorbable components. Further digestion and absorption is carried out in our small intestine. The liver aids in producing bile to digest certain fats. The large intestines finishes by absorbing the remaining water and then the final waste products are then excreted by our anus. And all of these components compose our gut health.

The gastrointestinal system runs to approximately 25 feet, from the mouth to our rear end, the anus. This system is where we take in and digest food, absorbed its nutrients and dispose of the waste products. Now, where do you think we get all that nutrients and energy from? It’s from the food we consumed during the day. Usually in our busy modern lives, we take in some unhealthy foods such as fast foods, which contain more harm than good. And guess where that junk all go into? – That’s correct; it goes into our gut health.

With poor gut health diet, toxins and other undesirable compounds would eventually accumulate with our intestines. And with continuous accumulation, gut health deteriorates. With its deterioration, comes in certain diseases and if left unattended, sometimes would even lead to worse situations (e.g. colon cancer). In short, gut health may not be that obvious but its optimum condition is of vital importance.

Take note that our gut health is basically involved in a lot of processes during the day. And during its final phase, trillions of bacteria, both good and bad ones, are deposited in the large intestine and colon. If we don’t practice a good gut health diet, sometimes these toxins and harmful bacteria would stir up our system and result into more common disorders such as diarrhea and vomiting. This is why it is very important to take care of our gut health. Take in some good gut health healing foods, such as fruit and vegetables, and always maintain a nutritious and balanced diet. Remember, my friends, what you take in will determine what your gut health will be.