Constipation – Its Major Causes

One of the problems that people encounter everyday, first thing in the morning, is sitting in the toilet for hours without any fraction of success. Worse, all you get is wasted time and oftentimes, pain and cramps. Constipation is a familiar digestive problem among people of all ages today characterized by irregular bowel movement. Food is not properly digested, thus, the difficulty in discharging stools.

Symptoms of constipation include difficulty and pain in discharging stools, a heavy and uneasy feeling, as well as sticky and scanty stools. Complications arising from this condition are caused mainly by the toxins produced that go to the blood stream and contaminates the different parts of the body, especially when the stomach is not fully emptied. Appendicitis, rheumatism, cataract, arthritis, and high blood pressure are some of the common diseases that could logically spring out of chronic constipation which when simply ignored, could even result to cancer.

Constipation is a multifarious condition that is largely caused by improper diet, abnormal lifestyle, irregular defecation and lack of exercise. Eating junk foods and soda which has no nutritional value at all has drastic effects on ones digestion, as well as eating too much spicy and oil foods. Irregular and unhygienic eating and drinking habits both contribute to severe constipation.

Lack of fiber in the choice of food and less intake of liquids is common among young and old people alike. While drinking tea and coffee may help detoxify the body, too much of those drinks also frustrate regular bowel movement. It just goes to show you that too much of anything always bring about undesirable results.

Eating meals at irregular hours also contribute to this. Further, irregular habit of defecation at a young age would most likely lead to a lifetime of constipation woes that is why parents should take note of this in training their kids early on, as well as steering clear of foods that cause constipation. Above all, the lack of enough physical activity is one of the most common causes of constipation, especially for people who are deskbound every day.

Emotional stress at work or at home could also worsen a condition of chronic constipation. Psychological reasons could include tensions, depressions, extreme anger or fear, among others.People who resort right away to purgatives and stress medications should also be admonished from its frequent use because it could distort the natural order of things.

Thus, when confronted with a difficult problem like constipation, start addressing it by doing something about your diet and your lifestyle. Going to your doctor would simply tell you the very same constipation remedy.

Add more fibers into your diet that could sweep off clean your stomach. Have those salads and fruits in your meal everyday as much as possible.

Trying a vegetarian lifestyle would not only help in your digestive problems, but could also prevent other more serious diseases. More fluids in the body won’t hurt either. Carrying with you a bottle of water whenever you go out of your house would prove helpful.