Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleansing – The Alternative Way

Colon cleansing is an essential part of looking after your body.

Why is colon cleansing done?:
1. To cleanse the colon of the accumulated debris.
2. To prevent accumulation of further debris in the colon.
3. To remove harmful bacteria and avoid it accumulating again.
4. To encourage the growth of good bacteria with probiotic support.
5. To rejuvenate the immune system of the body with antioxidants.
6. Bowel cleansing should activate normal and regular bowel movement.

Colons fail to cleanse themselves when:
1. Large quantities of unhealthy food wastes containing more of toxins collect in the colon, which the colon is not equipped to cleanse.
2. Overeating leads to too much debris collecting in the colon, which the colon is not able to release
3. Age or sickness makes the colon sluggish and unable to perform its functions.
4. Certain medications can cause the colon to not function properly.

Colon cleansing involves:
1. With the use of specific colon cleansing products or herbs, cleansing of the toxic plaque and debris accumulated in the colon is done
2. Replenishing the good bacteria in the colon.
3. With the use of detoxifying herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, detoxification of the other organs too like the liver, kidney, etc.

The steps for colon cleansing:
1. A day or so before starting the colon cleansing process, follow a water alone fasting or cleansing diet like fruit or vegetable juice or just eat some light meals comprising mainly of vegetables.
2. Choose a safe, effective and reputable colon cleaner. There are several brands of colon cleansers, most of which are very effective and can be bought online. All you have to do is to look for a colon cleaner with good reviews on the internet.
3. Take probiotics along with the colon cleansers to maintain the helpful bacteria population in the colon which is being flushed out by the colon cleansers.
4. Keep checking out on your bowels movement and notice if there has been any changes.
5. Continue with the colon cleansing diet till the cleansing therapy is over and normalcy is restored. It is very important that you avoid fatty and junk foods during and after the colon cleanse.

What is the correct strategy for colon cleansing?
Colon cleansing should not be adopted as a life long therapy. It has to be followed as a method to activate the body’s natural colon cleansing mechanism or to complement it and not to replace. Once cleansed, one should try to keep the colon clean and healthy naturally by eating healthy foods rich in fibre and drinking lots of water .

How to keep the colons clean and healthy?
1. Enough fibre uptakes to form bulk and aid movement in the colon.
2. Adequate water intake to soften the bowels and hydrate the mucous lining of the colon.
3. Intake of natural foods which are easy on digestion, assimilation, absorption and excretion as compared to processed, stale, unhealthy junk food.
4. Exercise to keep the colon functioning properly.
5. Stress-free life to keep the colon from becoming sluggish.
6. Maintain more of helpful bacteria and less of harmful bacteria.

Natural foods do not stick to the colon wall but unnatural foods stick to the colon become stale and breed harmful bacteria.

Having a healthy colon can be achieved through eating healthy foods such as vegetable and fruits.

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