Colon & Digestive Disorders

Colon Cleansing – The Alternative to a Healthy GI system

With the recent lifestyle in our modern world, it is undeniable that most of us are now very susceptible to stress and certain illnesses. One of the factors which greatly affect our health is diet. With our schedule, most of us usually go for fast foods and other unhealthy foods which will have a long term effect on our body.

Most of our food products are now commercially prepared, meaning certain chemicals are induced in the production of such. Our gastrointestinal system is usually the first one that gets affected with our unhealthy diet. And because of such, it is important that we take care of it.

In the recent years, colon cleansing has been introduced as an alternative way to help maintain integrity within our (Gastrointestinal) GI system. Over time, toxins slowly find their way into our gastrointestinal system. These toxins usually come from unhealthy diet, food intake, some medications, and the like. Colon cleansing procedures aim to clean our colons from these toxins by eliminating it from our body through defecation.

The concept behind colon cleansing lies basically in removing waste materials which have accumulated in your intestinal walls. Colon cleanse products are taken orally. These products will initiate an action to remove the waste materials which are believed to be a harbor for parasites and other pathogenic micro-organisms. These toxins are thought to be the ones responsible for autointoxication or illnesses brought about by our own waste materials.

Headaches, loss of appetite and fatigue are some signs of autointoxication. Once our waste materials slowly accumulate in our body, these symptoms start to appear more often. If we continue to disregard such signs and symptoms, other gastrointestinal diseases and colon problems will emerge. In some cases, this will result to colon pain and the deadly colon cancer. Colon cleansing has different types and these include:

• Herbal colon cleanse – This has anti-bacterial effects which try to act on the bad bacteria and boost the good bacteria found in our gastrointestinal tract. It is known to be a laxative alternative. It also initiates an increase in stool through the contraction of our colon.

• Colon hydrotherapy – This process uses warm water which is gently introduced into our colon through a tubing which goes through our anus. This aims to irrigate our colon.

• Enemas – Enemas are another colon cleanser; it works by introducing water or some solution in the lower portion of the intestine. This is very effective in making our stools loose.

• Oxygen-based colon cleaners – These cleansers react directly with the gastric acid found in our stomach. After the interaction, this will cause our fecal matter to melt into liquid form and thus, can be easily eliminated by our body. These are usually taken through oral route in capsules.

There are indeed many ways to keep our stomach and gastrointestinal system healthy. Colon cleansing is one of the most efficient ways to maintain a good and healthy GI system and thus, further increasing our chances of avoiding certain diseases and illnesses which are brought about by autointoxication.