Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Causes and Cures

Worrying about an illness that disrupts your every day life should be the least of your concern today. You can’t afford having a career and an occasional distraction on the backseat. By and large, chronic fatigue syndrome is usually characterized at the onset by involuntary tremors of the body or some portions thereof which symptom neurologists more accurately diagnose as “essential tremor” and worsens when ignored and taken for granted. Chronic fatigue syndrome does not only cause you inner worries and brings you out of focus, it also dampens your relationship with the people around you, and results to nothing productive at all. Thus, when you are confronted with an illness like chronic fatigue syndrome, you should not simply resign to that unfortunate fact, rather you deal with it. This means that you have to get to know it better, discover its causes, and find out what people like you can do about it.


Researches have revealed a common finding: chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by deficiencies in some essential body nutrients. For example, CoQ10 is naturally secreted by the human body and is vital for the immune system. Biochemists have recently found a deficient supply and irregular distribution in the different areas of the blood of Q10 coenzyme (CoQ10) in some patients experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome. This breakthrough has helped researchers explain abnormalities in the muscles and emotional stress in people with this condition.

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have similarly exhibited a deficiency in vitamin D which usually triggers a many other health problems.

Still, some findings point to low levels of dopamine as one of the causes of chronic fatigue.

Stress, apparently, could also lead to cellular loss or damage.


Corresponding to the findings above, taking in vitamins that are rich in CoQ10, theanine or vitamin D has proven to be beneficial, according to some research.

Theanine, particularly, is a kind of amino acid found in decaffeinated black and green teas. Aside from boosting the immune system, theanine also enhances brain work, lowers your blood pressure, eliminates bad cholesterol, regulates sleeping cycles, relaxes the body and mind, lessens anxiety, gives extra energy, prevents tumor-causing activities, sharpens memory, slows down the shrinking of the brain, promotes positive moods, and detoxifies the body.

While a definite cure to chronic fatigue syndrome seems a little bit elusive at the moment, ways that help alleviate the symptoms has been found in extensive medical studies. One of these alternatives is the use of ultraviolet light. Groups that underwent the same experiment have shown significant improvement in their over-all well-being. Further research to verify this finding though has been going-on since.

Above everything else, it is not too late to realize that having an illness should not stop us from living our lives the way we want to. All the more, it should not keep us from the people we love. While it is hard to tell them the fact that you have it, it is harder to endure this illness for years without the indispensable help and support of family and friends.