Addictions, The Pull Towards Addictions

All addictions start innocently but end painfully. Addiction is an uncontrolled compulsive urge to abuse a substance or a behavior. It could be a physiological or a psychological problem.

Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, nicotine addiction, food addiction, smoking addiction fall in the category of substance abuse. Shopping addiction, relationship addiction, sex addiction, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, computer game addiction, internet addiction, exercise addiction account for behavior abuse.

Alcohol addiction is the consumption of alcohol in excess as a means of escapism from the problems of life. Alcohol makes the addict temporarily forget the problem at hand and given an illusion of being in control of the problem. Alcoholism in its severity gives rise to many medical ailments.

Drug addiction is the compulsive urge to take a drug in excess of the safe limit and exceeding the frequency prescribed. These drugs are sedatives, analgesics, painkillers and stimulants. They give the addict a high which makes them feel more agile and more alive. Drug abuse leaves very critical physiological affects in the body over a long period of abuse.

Smoking addiction is inhalation of excess of smoke let out by burning of tobacco or nicotine through cigarette smoking. Smoking leads to respiratory problems, makes a person susceptible to lung cancer and other associated medical problems.

Food addiction is a craving for certain foods in excess of hunger levels. Such foods are generally unhealthy when consumed in large quantities. Overeating and eating disorders leads to the addict becoming obese, diabetic, susceptible to being melancholic, etc.

Computer game addiction is the playing of virtual computer games especially adult video computer games as a means of buttering up one’s ego. They remain anonymous in such games and let their alter ego to play. This gives them a high.

Gambling addiction is the gambling away of money, time, energy, relationship, livelihood on race bets, cards, lottery, etc. in the hope of winning and in the hope of winning back the money lost. Estrangement from, every other aspect of life, in preoccupation with gambling characterize such an addiction.

Relationship addiction is an addiction of co-dependency on a life partner notwithstanding the incompatibility of the partner as partner. The addict suffers neglect and violence at the hands of the partner. The addict tries to manipulate and control the partner to suit her requirements but fails. The addict attributes the cause of failure to oneself and becomes emotionally deranged.

Shopping addiction is a compulsive drive pushing one to shop beyond one’s needs and means in order to look up to an image one has formed of oneself. The addict later ends up feeling guilty and ashamed of the purchase.

Addiction treatment is available for all these addictions. This starts with addiction counseling on a one-to-one basis or as a group therapy depending on individual cases and their preferences. Behavioral abuse is treated with psychiatric help and psychiatric medications. Substance abuse is additionally treated with contra medications to cope with physiological withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment includes detox of the body.

Addiction recovery stage is crucial. Recovery normally takes four to six weeks. Family support at this rehab stage is of utmost importance. A lapse in treatment at this stage will lead them into a relapse into the addiction.

Government is also taking steps with anti-smoking banners beseeching the addicts to quit smoking. Pamphlets on other addictions are also being circulated.

Have the mental courage to shirk from taking the first step towards addiction. Have the mental drive to take the first step towards rehabilitation. Have the mental discipline to continue with the recovery. It is all in the mind.