Acid Reflux

Acid reflux – herbal remedies for acid reflux

Antacids are fine as a quick fix for those who occasionally suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. However, antacid consumption on a regular basis, thwarts the body from absorbing nutrients; increases the blood pressure and renders the kidneys functioning sluggishly. One of the components of antacids gives rise to constipation and another to diarrhoea. Herbal remedies for acid reflux are there to help combat heartburn and acid reflux without any negative effects to the body.

Meals followed by intake of ginger can help to control acid reflux. Ginger is the best herbal remedy for acid reflux. In fact ginger is known to have many other properties vital to our well being.

Gentian root, wormwood and golden seal extract before intake of meals contain acid reflux. Having done so, you can have your meals in peace without the fear of another regurgitation of the acids from your tummy.

Catnip, clove oil and fennel oils have proven to be good acid reflux remedies. It is advisable to tuck them somewhere at home handy enough for the next episode of acid reflux.

Sage tea holds the stomach muscles tight so as not to let the food back up out of the stomach. Sage tea is a genteel sentry at his job. You need never fear any side effects.

Cinnamon tea provides relief from acid reflux. Take care to avoid cinnamon with black tea because black tea is known to bring in acid reflux. So it could prove to be counter-productive.

Cardamom in food will aid as a balm for acid indigestion burns. It can be powdered and kept ready so that you may just sprinkle some on your toast and have.

A dash of yoghurt at the end of every meal is said to keep the acid imbalance in the stomach in check. The cooling properties of yoghurt will also give relief to the scarred esophageal lining as it travels to the stomach.

A spoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with water when taken along with meals, will keep the hyperactive acids in check. So you are sure that every morsel of food you take will go and stay in its place and not boomerang out your mouth.

Chewable tablets made of papaya extract, is one the natural heartburn cures. Just pop them in when you couldn’t be bothering preparing juices and extracts.

Drinking of aloe vera juice is another excellent herbal remedy for anti reflux. Aloe vera has skin and hair enhancing properties too.

Drinking of chamomile tea soon after meals is one of the herbal remedies for acid reflux. Just remember to leave some space in your stomach for the tea while taking your meals.

Drinking of a large quantity of water when there is an inkling of a heartburn invasion helps as one of acid reflux remedies. Water will wash down the acids.

A simple herbal remedy for acid reflux is drinking of raw potato juice, diluted with water or other juices for taste.

Herbs have rarely known to have gone wrong. At least they would not leave back a bitter taste in the form of acidity, constipation and diarrhoea. Herbal remedy for acid reflux, hand over holistic benefits to the partaker. Throw antacids over the fence and throw in herbs into your mouth.