Holistic Massage – Hot Stone Therapy

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One step up from the hot water bottle to sooth aching muscles, the holistic hot stone massage is more versatile due to the fact that the stones not only vary in size but are also have a fragrant oil film that elevates calm and relaxing sensations.

Hot Stone Therapy is a form of holistic massage that utilizes smooth Basalt lava stones that are water heated to a therapeutic temperature. The heated stones are then placed on key parts of the body where the heat is directed to the muscles making a more effective and relaxing holistic treatment. The holistic therapist then uses each stone to massage the point of contact.

Although it is called hot stone therapy , holistic healing is enhanced by alternating hot basalt stones with cold marble stones which stimulates the nervous system. This alternating of hot and cold during the holistic treatment encouraged body detox and healing by increasing lymph flow and flushing out of toxins.
This holistic massage treatment boosts circulation, helps in tension release and energy level recharge and relaxation. It is therefore a beneficial holistic treatment to anyone with poor circulation, muscle pain, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, back pain, insomnia, stress, depression, multiple sclerosis (MS) or a sports injury.

When you do plan to undergo this holistic massage, set aside a whole day you wouldn’t want to undergo a relaxing, healing and soothing holistic treatment only to jump back into the stresses of a job or run a zillion errands. Avoid over indulging in alcohol or having too much food a few hour prior to this holistic hot stone massage.

This holistic massage therapy is not recommended for:

• Anyone with an infectious skin condition, rash, or open wounds. It is also not advised that the holistic treatment be done over skin that is bruised, inflamed or has unhealed wounds.
• Anyone with a tumor or abdominal hernia or on parts of the body that has recent fracture.
• Anyone who has recently undergone surgery.
• Anyone who has had chemotherapy or radiation , unless a doctor recommends the massage to aid in healing
• Anyone with history of blood clots.
• Pregnant women or anyone with heart disease – need to consult the doctor prior to getting a holistic hot stone massage.

Prior to the commencement of a holistic hot stone massage, the therapist will require information on your medical history indicating any existing conditions, this will determine the techniques and holistic products that the therapist will use.

A typical holistic hot stone massage session would entail the massage therapist applying essential oil to the entire body. This allows for easy movement of the hot stone against the skin during the holistic massage. The Hot stones are left on the body for a short time and once the muscles are relaxed the holistic therapist will then massage the area using the stone or her hands. This holistic massage treatment is repeated on various parts of the body.

Go for it, try out this holistic massage therapy that is not only for healing purposes but has the added advantages of relaxing and detoxifying the body.