Natural Herbs for Promoting Hair Growth

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Are you looking out for some effective ways to tackle your hair loss problems? Then you can try some of the best natural herbs which can prove beneficial for promoting hair growth.

There are plenty of medical and health reasons for losing hair which may in extreme cases, result in baldness. Many advanced medical treatments and medications are available today to cure this problem but they have their own side effects. Hence, lot of people have started relying on natural herbs for promoting hair growth.

Causes of hair loss

There are numerous reasons, which can be attributed to hair loss in people, and at times, they can be related to many hereditary related factors. Hormonal imbalance and under active thyroid gland also produce hair loss among lot of women. Faulty diet and lack of proper nutrition also tends towards causing hair loss problems. Changes occurring in the body due to pregnancy, long-term illness, certain kind of infections and medications may also lead to severe hair loss.

It is always better to get medically examined in case of frequent hair loss, which can help in finding the underlying cause of your problem so that you can avail of the right kind of treatment.

Natural herbs for curbing hair loss

These days lot of expensive treatments like hair transplants and medications are offered by the doctors which can help in controlling hair loss problems. However, there is an increased tendency among people to finding natural ways using herbs for improving hair growth. Natural herbs for hair growth are the most preferred option by people today due to their relatively less harmful effects on the hair.

These herbs for hair growth have been used since ancient times for treating hair loss among people and known for bringing some excellent benefits. Some natural herbs for promoting hair growth include Aloe Vera, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Jojoba oil. Lot of aroma therapists make use of these wonderful natural herbs for stimulating hair growth among the patients.

Role of different natural herbs for hair growth

Herbal hair loss treatments assist in reducing the chances of hair fall by providing healthy nutrition to the hair. Aloe Vera possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which gives nourishment to your hair while its active natural ingredients work on reducing scalp inflammation. Lavender is also one of the popular herbs used for preventing androgenic alopecia which is a common form of hair loss occurring among both men and women. Among other herbs, Rosemary is known for promoting circulation in the hair and stimulating the follicles for hair growth.

Sage has some powerful antiseptic properties which provides strength and thickness to the hair and also promotes good hair growth. Many herbs for hair growth like Green tea which contain substances like catechins also help in controlling the action of DHT hormones in the body which are responsible for hair loss. There are lots of medications that contain natural herbs for hair growth like the Gingko biloba which helps in improving blood circulation among the hair follicles.