Impotence and Erectile dysfunction Herbs

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Most men contribute to the belief that virility maketh a man. And before Viagra entered the market, some people even killed the one-horned rhinoceros and endangered the species under the belief that its horn is an aphrodisiac. Viagra might have in a way saved the day for the rhino, but if only people were aware of the many erectile dysfunction herbs that are available, and their utility as herbal remedy for impotence, it might have helped the rhino much earlier.

And Viagra, with all its powers, is not completely free from side effects. Headache, nausea, and in very rare instances partial loss of eyesight has been reported in users of Viagra. Practitioners of herbal medicine suggest that people should at least try the available herbal therapies and herbal supplements to cure impotence, before they jump in the Viagra bandwagon.

While Viagra can cause side effects even in healthy users, it is absolutely non-negotiable for those with heart problems or those who are taking nitrate containing drugs. Such people should definitely opt for herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction. Whether they get immediate relief from their impotence related problem or not, herbal therapies are far safer for impotence than chemical formulae. Given below is a list of very helpful erectile dysfunction herbs.

Ginkgo Biloba: This rare herb, which is a native of China, and also goes by the name maidenhair tree, is widely used in the herbal treatment of memory loss and dementia. Researches have also established the powers of this herb in controlling blood circulation, including microcirculation in small capillaries. Since male erection is the result of enhanced blood flow into the penis, this power of the herb makes it an erectile dysfunction herb as well. For Ginkgo Biloba to act as an effective herbal remedy for impotence, herbal therapy practitioners recommend the intake of at least 60mg of herbal supplement containing this erectile dysfunction herb. Since most herbal remedies show its effects only slowly, users of this herbal supplement will have to wait anything from two to about six months to find the condition reversed.

Arginine: This amino acid that goes by the name natural Viagra is another herbal remedy for impotence. Most herbal medicine practitioners advocate the intake of foodstuffs that contain a large percentage of arginine as an herbal cure for impotence. This herbal medicine is free from the side effects of Viagra and other similar sex drive-enhancing tablets. What practitioners of herbal medicine suggest is that people should at least submit themselves to herbal therapy using arginine, before submitting themselves to the use of Viagra and the like. Arginine has the ability to relax and dilate blood vessels and this is exactly what Viagra also does. So the moniker natural Viagra is apt for the amino acid. The recommended dose for it to work as an effective herbal therapy is 3000mg arginine per day. This is expected to work faster than the erectile dysfunction herbs Ginkgo Biloba, since it is expected to show the results in about a month after starting the herbal therapy.