Herbs for Managing The Effects of Menopause

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Menopause is a natural condition that occurs among women in their late 40’s or 50’s which gives rise to reduced fertility levels on account of cessation of menstrual periods. This condition may give rise to several physical symptoms which includes hormonal imbalance which is a result of the lack of estrogen production in the body. Many women resort to different ways to reduce some of these symptoms which includes the use of herbal menopause treatment to get some good relief.

Soya based products, Black Cohosh, Ginseng, Red Clover and Dong Quai are used as part of herbal menopause treatment to reduce some of the menopause symptoms.

How does menopause affect the hormonal levels in the body?

Most of the women who experience menopause conditions usually undergo many physical symptoms in this transition period. During the pre-menopause phase, the ovaries tend to produce less of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels in the body, leading to reduced fertility levels. The decreased levels of hormone production in the body also gives rise to many other health related problems which includes reduction in bone density levels and high levels of cholesterol in the body.

There are many ways to deal with this problem which includes following a balanced diet and a regular exercise program. However, herbal menopause treatment can also be given to reduce the physical symptoms associated with this condition.

Some natural ways used for controlling herbal menopause conditions

Soyabeans contain a good amount of plant estrogens which may be helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms experienced during menopause. It may have some positive health benefits, which includes improving the calcium levels in the body and preventing build up of cholesterol. Apart from that, it may help in reducing hot flushes which is often encountered by women during menopause conditions.

You can also use Black cohosh for herbal menopause treatment which can be effective in treating symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings, depression and night sweats. Phytoestrogenic herbs have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times and Black Cohosh also belongs to the same class of herbs which is used for herbal menopause treatment. Red Clover is also an effective herb which can help in raising the levels of estrogen in the body. It contains powerful phytoestrogens, which function in a similar manner as the natural hormones in the body and offers good control over menopause symptoms when used for herbal menopause treatment.

Ginseng is also a popular herb used for herbal menopause treatment and helps in alleviating many of the symptoms linked with menopause conditions. Chinese traditional medicine, Dong Quai has been used since many years to treat gynecological problems and now used effectively even for herbal menopause treatment. There are also certain non-estrogenic herbs which is used effectively in herbal menopause treatment. These herbs do not contain chemical compounds like estrogen in them but help in maintaining a healthy level of hormones in the body and found to be effective in herbal menopause treatment.