Herbal Remedies to Fight Against Cold

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If you are looking at some natural ways to get rid of common cold, then you could try using some excellent herbal medicines for getting the best results. Common cold is one of the common health complaints, which occurs usually when the body is exposed to extreme weather conditions or due to a weakened immune system. Sometimes, these infections also spread when there is a direct contact with a person suffering from cold, which is subsequently transferred to the other person as well. Many people believe in the miraculous power of herbal medicines to cure common cold and use them to get quick relief from this health condition.

What causes common cold?

Common cold can be caused by different kinds of viruses and typically appear more during the winter months. There are around 200 types of viruses that have been identified which produce this common ailment among both youngsters and adults. People who have low immunity levels are highly susceptible to falling prey to common cold and experience many cold related symptoms. Some of these include stuffiness in the nose, headache, feverish feeling followed by tiredness and hoarseness in the throat.

Dealing with common cold using herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are known to provide good relief against common cold symptoms and reduces its harmful effects on the body. These herbal remedies help in improving the body’s immune system which is useful in preventing many common cold infections and other associated health ailments. Many natural herbs are used for the purpose of curing common cold and providing relief to the body from this condition.


There are many herbal medicines like Goldenseal which are known for their healing and anti-bacterial properties that help in curing conditions of sinusitis, congestion, sore throat and other common cold symptoms.


Ginseng is an effective herbal treatment which helps in building resistance of the body against various diseases. It is also known for improving the white blood cells count in the body and helps increase energy levels and build stamina in the body.


Herbal medicines like Hyssop are useful in treating upper respiratory infections including bronchitis and acts as a good expectorant. These herbal medicines also provide good relief from congestion and help to fight against sore throats and common cold infections.


Echinacea helps in giving a boost to the immunity system and aids in fighting against viral and bacterial infections. These herbal medicines act as antibiotics, assist in controlling throat infection, and improve the conditions of swollen lymph nodes.


Elderberry is a natural herb that can help in reducing symptoms associated with common cold and flu conditions. These kind of herbal medicines are useful in providing relief from sinus congestion, cold, sore throat and swelling due to sore throat.

-Licorice root

Herbal medicines like Licorice Root are known for their excellent ability to suppress viruses from attacking the body and improving the body’s defense mechanism. Using this herbal remedy, one can seek relief from congestion, irritations in the throat and other cold related conditions.