Herbal Cure for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are small bumps that develop in the anal canal, that could itch and burn and at times bleed. There are over-the-counter drugs as well as herbal remedies to treat the condition. Anal canal is full of small veins and certain internal or external pressure equations can cause these veins to swell like balloons. It is these swollen veins that itch and burn and are known as hemorrhoids. It is a very unpleasant and irritating condition and immediate relief is everybody’s requirement. So the tendency is to go in for easily available drugs that can provide instant relief. But lasting relief is the real requirement and for this, herbal treatment is the best answer.

Herbal remedies works gently on a health problem to produce long lasting results. Results of any herbal treatment may not become apparent instantly but natural herbs are always free from negative side effects. And herbal therapy is generally very effective in treating a chronic condition associated with hemorrhoids. The side effects of some over-the-counter prescriptions are very much apparent in some hemorrhoid creams that irritate the unaffected surrounding area.

Practically every herbal product is free of side effects. All herbal supplements contain ingredients that are easily absorbed into the blood stream. Butcher’s Broom is a typical example of a natural herb that produces good results and has very little side effects. It is known as astringent herb because of its properties and can shrink the swollen veins if applied continuously. This herbal remedy has the same effect on the patient as any other hemorrhoid creams that are available in the local pharmacies, sans its negative upshots.

Most practitioners of herbal medicine or naturopathy or other alternative systems of medicine advice that Butcher’s Broom should preferably be taken as a tincture. For using as an herbal remedy, 10 or 15 drops of the tincture should be mixed with beeswax. This combination will form an ointment that can be applied on the area with the problem, and is found to have a very soothing effect. Ointment can also be made out of the Butcher’s Broom powder that is available. In both these herbal remedies, whether made out of tincture or powder, a little of aloe Vera gel or vitamin E can be added. It will reduce inflammation and will hasten the effect of the herbal remedy.

This herbal medicine is available in many forms. Besides tincture and powder, these come in capsular form. The capsules are generally of 200 mg strength and should ideally be taken thrice a day. Taking Butcher’s Broom tea is also good for hemorrhoids. Some practitioners of herbal medicine advocate the consumption of tea made of this natural herb, side by side with the application of the ointment. Half a teaspoon of this herbal supplement should suffice for one cup of tea. The drink need not be boiled. Boiling water should be poured over dried Butcher’s Broom powder and left to soak for about ten minutes. The strained liquid that one gets from it is an ideal herbal remedy for hemorrhoids.