Ayurvedic Treatments – The Basics

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There is no need to fear disease because disease is just a manifestation of some imbalance in your body. What you should concern yourself with is finding the cause of that imbalance, and correct it using ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurvedic treatments are done through the use of ayurvedic herbs, ayurvedic massages, aromatherapy, diet, exercises, both physical and mental. Steam baths are also prescribed. Ayurvedic cooking and ayurvedic diet are also recommended.

Ayurvedic medicines comprise primarily of plants and herbs. These are used in powder, paste, extract or juice form.

Ayurvedic treatment is a two way process. The information about the medical condition given by the patient to the practitioner helps the ayurveda practitioner to prescribe ayurvedic treatment. The treatment suggested has to be followed by the patient for the treatment to be successful. The treatment could also include change in cooking methods, change in diet and change in lifestyle.

The patient is subject to queries on his age, weight, behaviour, diet, lifestyle, past illnesses and recovery period. The practitioner checks on the patient’s general appearance, skin, eyes, tongue, teeth, pulse, speech, voice, urine and stool. The ayurvedic treatment aids reducing the symptoms, removal of impurities, building up resistance and building up of immunity of the patient’s body.

To reduce the symptoms of a disease, certain exercises, massage, diet regimen, and intake of herbs can be prescribed.

When undigested food remains in the digestive system, it is said to bring about certain diseases. Herbs like triphala are said to detox the system, clearing it of potential causes of diseases. If the digestive system is clean, the cleanliness and clarity reflects in your skin, hair and blood quality. After the cleansing of the system is done, ayurveda moves on to boost your body’s immune system.

To increase resistance and immunity in the body, certain formulations constituting of herbs, proteins, minerals and vitamins in tonic form are given to the patient.

Finally the patient is given some psychiatric discourse to bring about mental harmony in his life. Personalized physical and mental exercises, dietary recommendations and a healthy daily routine ensure a long and healthy life. You can live a long and healthy life through ayurvedic treatments