Lavender, the Historical Aromatherapy Agent

April 26, 2009 by  
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Most of the essential oils are agents of aromatherapy, while some are more so than others. Lavender is perhaps most so, because it is an aromatherapy essential oil which can do pretty much everything. Lavender is the queen of perfumes in the party circuit. It is almost an analgesic by its soothing fragrance, and it is the right agent to make your bed linen, towels, cushions and even the baby’s cradle smell divine.

The flower lavender, from which this aromatherapy essential oil is obtained, is a purple wild flower. Even historically, it has functioned as an aromatherapy agent, even though the name was coined only much later. A king of France is said to have had a weakness for lavender scented pillows. Queen Elizabeth I of England is said to have had a strong preference for fresh lavender flowers every day. And people were so much convinced of the healing powers of its scent that during the Great Plague of the 17th century, some people were said to tape a bunch of lavenders to their wrist to ward off the disease! The act can perhaps be considered a symbol of aromatherapy in its embryonic form.

And as an aromatherapy oil, what does the essential oil of lavender do? The answer is that it does pretty much everything. It helps a person get rid of the tension and stress that is the every day due of most people when they come back from work. A little of this aromatherapy essential oil in bath water or massage oil heals menstrual cramps and gives relief to aching muscles. Aromatherapy is found to work even for people who have arthritis. As a complete cure, the use of this aromatherapy oil may be limited, but it does soothe, and can definitely be tried without the fear of any negative fallout.

People sometimes have a restless night. And some people always have difficulty in falling asleep. Aromatherapy by lavender is effective in these sleep related problems whether they are chronic, or temporary due to some stress or tension. And a person can have a few drops of this aromatherapy essential oil on his bed sheets, pillow covers, sofa cushions, clothes, or handkerchief to get that perfect feeling of relaxation. And no doubt babies would smell heavenly if you put two drops of this aromatherapy oil on their clothes or use aromatherapy soap for them.

If anybody is planning to buy sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep, he should first try aromatherapy using lavender, and opt for sleeping pills only if he fails. And he is mostly unlikely to fail. Lavender is very similar to tree tea oil in that it is a disinfectant and can heal acne, bites, or scratches. On hair, this aromatherapy agent can help to keep off lice. It is effective in all types of skin irritation, especially that relating to dry skin. When used with some other oil, it can help to control eczema.

When such a perfect agent of aromatherapy is at hand, why not enjoy its benefits?