How Good And Authentic Are Aromatherapy Products?

April 24, 2009 by  
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All that glitters is not gold. Everything that smells well is not an aromatherapy product. Aromatherapy is sometimes known also as holistic aromatherapy which means an aromatherapy which affects the entire being of a person. Because of the way it is supposed to work, holistic aromatherapy is done taking into consideration the individual’s past medical history, mental and physical fitness, lifestyle etc.

Aromatherapy products could be bath salts, essential oils for massage, or aromatherapy candles. Holistic aromatherapy is essentially done using pure essential oils. Synthetic products, however heavenly fragrant they are, cannot be called aromatherapy products. Again, every non-synthetic product is also not an aromatherapy product. Even some of the pure substances may have some toxic effects and then they cannot be made a part of any aromatherapy product. Being natural and non toxic is some of the essential requirements of an aromatherapy product. Products that are synthetic, or have toxicity in them, will not have healing properties.

Aromatherapy products detoxify the body. There are several ways in which aromatherapy products can be used. Aromatherapy can be affected by a therapeutic massage with an essential oil. Other methods of aromatherapy application are inhalation of essential oils, aromatic baths, or application of compresses made using essential oils. Aromatherapy is also used for cosmetic purposes, and for skin care. It has prophylactic properties as well and so is used for preventing cold and flu. Aromatherapy also makes a wound heal faster.

As in every therapeutic procedure, those who have any previous medical history should consult the personal physician before submitting himself to aromatherapy. Alternatively, a seasoned aromatherapist can be consulted. Some essential oils used in aromatherapy can react negatively with certain prescription drugs. Hence the need to be thoroughly satisfied about one’s medical condition, and physical fitness, before nose-diving to do aromatherapy. Thorough reading of the instructions on the product label, including the small print, would solve half the problems encountered while using aromatherapy products.

Any essential oil used in aromatherapy has to be diluted before application on the skin. A therapeutic massage as part of aromatherapy should use carrier oils to rub the aromatherapy essential oils on to the skin. Some of the aromatherapy essential oils can be eye irritants. So, after using the essential oils, hands should be washed before touching the eyes. Because of these risks, essential oils should be kept out of reach of kids and pets.

Breastfeeding women and pregnant women have to be extra careful about the above points and should consult their physician before submitting themselves to aromatherapy using essential oils. The same rules are applicable to children also, because many of the aromatherapy essential oils are found to be not suitable for children under the age of twelve.

Overdosing is discouraged in aromatherapy. Essential oils should be used only in small quantities. It is also not wise to subject oneself to oil aromatherapy for pretty long at a stretch. Moderation is strongly recommended while using aromatherapy essential oils.