Acupuncture–The Ways of the Energy in Healing

Man since the beginning of time has always thrived for a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle usually equates to a longer lifespan. The longer man lives, the more things man will be able to do with his life. Because of such, man has continuously strived to come up with methods to further promote health and prevent the occurrence of disease and other infections. One of the things that the ancient Chinese have come up with in order to promote health is acupuncture. Some basic concepts of this ancient therapeutic technique are discussed below.

Acupuncture has been around as early as 305 B.C. As you can see, this technique has been around for thousands of years already. Though no clear origin of when such therapeutic method was specifically established. What people know however is that this technique was first used by the Chinese and now has spread all over the world. This ancient technique served the Chinese with great proportions on the promotion of vitality and energy balance and alleviation from pain and even stress. Acupuncture is a procedure wherein fine needles are inserted into different points of the body called acupuncture pressure points. These acupuncture points are located along our body’s meridian which is believed to be the vital energy points of our body.

Chinese acupuncture is basically based on the concept of energy balance (yin and yang) in our body. According to the Chinese, energy flow called Qi is present within our body. This flow is very prevalent and certain imbalances will cause our body to feel ill or pain.

Acupuncture acts to stabilize the imbalance to direct Qi flow into the way of balance. Based on its concept, it will provide free flow of energy to an area of stagnation and it will redirect the excess energy levels towards the ones that lack on the acupuncture points. There are twelve main meridians in our body and another two extra meridians (Du Mai and Ren Mai), composing to fourteen channels in total. In these channels, the fine needles will be inserted to alter the pathways of the energy flow towards health promotion and balance.

The primary twelve channels are located bilaterally, vertically, and symmetrically along our body surface. The acupuncture points run along these channels and each of these channels are directly connected with the energy flow towards your internal vital organs.

Consequently, there are three yin and yang channels in the hand and another three yin and yang channels of the foot. An acupuncturist knows the Qi effects if a needle is inserted in these different channels. The effects of inserting needles mainly results to harmony in your energy flow.

Over the recent years, acupuncture treatment has evolved and is being practiced all over the world. This oriental therapy has proved to have great effect on our health although it has no biological or pathological basis. Amidst the criticisms, acupuncture has gained popularity in the whole world. The principles and philosophies of health promotion behind this are indeed unique and certainly worth it. Oriental therapy like acupuncture is an alternative way to a path towards a healthy life.

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