Dealing with Premature Ejaculation–Natural Methods

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A certain percentage of young adult American males today engaging in sexual activities experience premature ejaculation at some point of their lives. Though it has no pathological origin, the problem has been affecting sexual functions and performance of certain male populace. Meanwhile some professionals and sex therapists suggest that a good mind and psychological state is important in order to maintain a good sexual performance.

With the arising need for great sexual performance, it is therefore imperative to control premature ejaculation. Some products have been introduced in the market to potentially avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation during a sexual act. However, there are a lot of ways to prevent this from occurring using natural methods. Below are some tips and hints on how to stop premature ejaculation.

There are many techniques in dealing with this prevalent male concern. The first technique in dealing with this problem is through distracting yourself to prevent premature ejaculation. This is done when you’re already in high levels of arousal and you feel that climax is about to begin. When you’re already in this state of excitement, try to stop and follow this up with a deep breath. By then, you think of something that is very out of the blue – something pretty boring. When you do this, your arousal levels will tremendously go down but you are still erect and can eventually keep going.

Another method commonly practiced in preventing premature ejaculation is through the squeeze method. This is usually done by the male or his sexual partner wherein the tip of the male sexual organ is squeezed hard for a few seconds when ejaculation is about to happen. This is followed by another a few seconds of withholding sexual stimulation (probably around 30 seconds). After which, stimulation may continue. The squeeze method maybe used repeatedly when ejaculation is about to happen.

Another technique used to prolong sexual activity and control premature ejaculation is through the start and stop method. This is done by the name itself – when you’re in high arousal levels, you stop and give some ample time to relax. After which, you start again. In doing this, you will certainly have a longer time for sexual activity.

Other method to deal with premature ejaculation is through having a longer time for foreplay. Stimulate your female partner to a high state of arousal before indulging your genitalia. Through this, you and your partner can achieve orgasm both at the same time. Another important tip on how to avoid premature ejaculation is through constant practice by masturbation. It is important to know your limits and what are the things that would make you ejaculate. Some other method used is through applying desensitizing creams on the penis. You can also try thick condoms. Both of these desensitize through decreasing sensitivity and so therefore prolonging sex.

These are just the basic techniques to prevent the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Do remember that constant practice, knowing your limits, and having a stable psychological state is the vital key in dealing with premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation – Medications and Treatment

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One of the common sexual problems is premature ejaculation. This affects a lot of adult males in terms of sexual activity and performance. But unlike any other sexual problems, this disorder doesn’t have a specific treatment.

Natural methods in preventing premature ejaculation may have gained some success but this is not true for some people. However, there are still some medications that physicians prescribe in order to deal with premature ejaculation. We shall take a short glimpse on some of the medications used in dealing with the said disorder.

FDA has no approved medication designed to treat premature ejaculation. But in recent studies, it has been noted that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and certain drugs which has SSRI-like side effects are known to be effective in treating this sexual condition.

Neurotransmitter serotonin (5HT) has an important role in ejaculation. It is believed that having a lesser level of serotonin in the synaptic cleft could cause premature ejaculation. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have an effect of increasing the extra cellular level of the neurotransmitter serotonin. SSRI is a known anti-depressant drug used to treat anxiety disorders and depression. SSRIs have been very successful in primarily delaying quick response in men who experience premature ejaculation. This has been the common side effect of SSRI – it tremendously delays the sexual climax for both male and female.

Though this is primarily used to treat male sexual problems, females can also use this one but must be cautioned that this manifests an adverse effect on females. Usually, females have longer time in reaching orgasm; with this, it would even push that leading to sexual frustration. Some of the more common SSRIs used by men to deal with premature ejaculation include paroxetine (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac) and Sertraline (Zoloft).

Another popular choice amongst the populace to stop premature ejaculation is through using desensitizing creams. These creams act as a local anesthetic agent, affecting the overall sensitivity and excitability of the male genitalia. It is so easy to use – just apply a certain amount of topical agent on the penis and you’re done. With such, longer sexual act is expected and premature ejaculation is prevalently avoided. Aside from such, this has minimal amount of risks involved; just perfect on dealing with the said disorder. Other alternative in this is through using thick condoms, which also has a desensitizing effect on males.

Some premature ejaculation problems are mostly in relation with erectile dysfunction problems or male impotence. However, this disorder usually subsides once the erectile dysfunction problem has been treated. Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction problems would include vardenafil (Levitra), alprostadil (Caverject, Muse), tadalafil ( Cialis), and the more common sildenafil (Viagra). If erectile dysfunction is caused by depression, SSRI maybe used to treat the problem.

Ultimately, there are a number of drugs used to control premature ejaculation. And although there is no FDA approved specifically for this disorder, the said drugs above still prove to be worthy in dealing with the problem. But overall, it is still important to consult with your physician before trying any medication in dealing with this concern.

Premature Ejaculation – The Basics

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Sexual activity is one of the most basic physical needs of every human being. And certain physiological needs, such as sexual activities, have their own share of problems also.

One of the common problems arising in the American adult population today is the occurrence of premature ejaculation during sexual activities. With its occurrence, this usually gives the parties involved a negative feedback on psychological levels. As we go through this article, we’re going to discuss the basics of premature ejaculation and the factors consistently involved in its occurrence.

25%-40% of adult American men today experience premature ejaculation. This is when there is a lack of control in voluntary movements towards ejaculation. Usually, this happens when the male involved in the sexual activity attains orgasm way before his female partner does.

Based on some researches, premature ejaculation occurs within two minutes of sexual penetration. The normal ejaculation period usually occurs within ten minutes of sexual penetration. This problem is very common in young and adolescent males but eventually fades out as these men try to gain control in sexual activities over time. However, a large percentage of young and middle-aged adults still have these problems even after a tremendous amount of sexual encounters. Finding ways how to stop premature ejaculation has been one of the common concerns with this young population.

In order to find ways how to avoid premature ejaculation, it is imperative that we must have a basic understanding of the factors constituting to this problem. According to most medical professionals, psychological factors are the mainstay in the cause of the said problem. Most men may have weak emotional support which may lead to poor performance.

Some of the common psychological factors which will eventually affect sexual performance and lead to premature ejaculation include financial stress, temporary depression, and some history of sexual repression, low self-esteem or total lack of confidence during sexual contact, and impossible expectations on performance. Lack in communication and poor interpersonal connection with the sexual partner also contributes to premature ejaculation. Sexual activity requires a stable emotional support in order to attain exemplary sexual functions.

Unresolved conflicts in a relationship and hurt feelings may eventually contribute to such problem. In some cases, occurrence of this problem could solely be caused by extreme arousal. Other psychological factor that affects this is the menstrual cycle of the sexual partner especially on married couples. Based on some studies, the intravaginal ejaculation latency time tends to be very short during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

In the physical side, premature ejaculation can be caused by a low level of neurotransmitter serotonin in the synaptic cleft. This said neurotransmitter plays a vital role in modulating the ejaculation phase. Some studies have looked into genetics as a cause for such disorder. A faster neurological response in the pelvic muscles could also trigger the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

Overall, this problem has been going on for a certain percentage of men. Having basic knowledge on some of the underlying factors affecting the disorder will definitely give us an idea on how to go about the problem and eventually finds ways to control premature ejaculation.