Men Health Problems – Tips on How to Reduce the Risks of Developing One

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Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life to enjoy everything life has to offer. Yet it is sad to note that lives are cut short because of health issues. Men, in particular, feel that they are made to be invincible against health issues but in reality they are not.

In fact, various men health problems affect men in the society today. But it is good to know that these health threats are easily preventable and treatable.

Here is a short list of men health problems that can challenge any man as well as the ways to reduce the risks of developing these health issues.

Men Health Problem # 1 – Heart Disease

It is a known fact that heart disease is a killer and men are mostly afflicted with it. In order for you to prevent this men health problem from developing, you should live a healthier lifestyle. Avoiding bad habits like smoking can be a good start. Drinking alcohol should also be done in moderation. Too much alcohol can raise a person’s blood pressure which is bad for the heart. A healthy diet coupled with regular exercise should be followed to keep fit.

Men Health Problem # 2 – Cancer

Cancer is another serious men health issue. Lung cancer is the leading type of cancer that causes death in men, followed closely by prostate and colorectal cancer. In order to avoid cancer, lung cancer in particular, smoking should be stopped. Even second smoke should be avoided as it can still lead to cancer. A healthy weight should be maintained by eating a diet that is composed mostly of fruits and vegetables. Exposure to other carcinogens like asbestos and radon should also be avoided. Getting regular cancer screenings is encouraged.

Men Health Problem # 3 – Sexual Problems and other genitourinary health problems

Next to heart disease, sexual health issues are some of the common men health issues.
The most common genitourinary health problems that affect many men include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, among others. Regular medical check up when you have any genitourinary problems is recommended. A regular check up even when you don’t have any problem can also help to identify any potential problems early enough to get the appropriate treatment.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two issues that affect many men. At any stage of their lives, most men face this issue. Sexual performance can fluctuate for various reasons – a new partner, nervousness and anxiety to please, as well as an unfamiliar environment are some of the factors that can cause a man to have this problem. So a perfectly healthy man who is normally great in bed can have a temporary premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problem for a number of reasons. However, some men have this problem on an ongoing basis – and luckily there are many types of remedies that can be used to treat these conditions so that every man can have a satisfying sexual life.

Another issue which is part of sexual problems is about penis size. Many men worry that perhaps their penis is not big enough to satisfy their sexual partners. While this particular issue is not a “health problem” as such, it is a source of worry for some men, and some men seek help for this issue.

Men Health Problem # 4 – Stroke

This is one men health issue wherein the risk factors involved are varied. Age, race, and family history are some of the factors you can’t do anything about. However, you have total control over the contributing factors leading to this condition. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or have high cholesterol, it is a must that you follow your doctor’s recommendation with regards to treatment. You should also maintain a healthy diet by limiting the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in it. Foods with trans-fats should be avoided entirely. Smoking and drinking alcohol must also be minimized, if not all together stopped to help you prevent this men health problem.

Men Health Problem # 5 – Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the main issues that affect men. While this is not a health issue, it is a problem that affects many men. There are many types of medicines and treatments that are designed to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Men Health Problem # 6 – Stress

Due to work-related, family or financial issues – many men suffer from high levels of stress. Unhappy marriages and relationships also cause some stress and agony for many men. It is very important for anyone to try and avoid getting stressed because high levels of stress can create health problems and strain relationships, which in turn cause more stress, creating a cycle that can be difficult to break.

Men Health Problem # 7 – Weight Gain

While many men take care about how they look when they are younger, some tend to neglect looking after their bodies as they grow older. After marriage and kids, many men do not care about maintaining fit bodies. Some men gain weight a lot and develop a “pot belly” or beer belly whereby the abdomen grows very large and protrudes. Men need to remember that it is still important to maintain a strong and fit physique even as they grow older.

These are some of the main possible men health problems or issues that a man can face today. Most of these men health issues can be avoided by following a healthy and active lifestyle.