Penis Enlargement Techniques–How to Enlarge Your Penis

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The penis is basically a muscle. As with other muscles in the body, people believed that through proper techniques, the penis can grow bigger than it is. Basing on this notion, there are a lot of male enhancement products out there in the market.

While all claim to be effective, there are actually some that aren’t. All of them, however work on some basic principles that can contribute to a larger penis. The effectiveness though needs to be properly investigated in order to avoid wasting time and money on procedure that don’t actually work in the first place.

The general penis enlargement techniques and principles are:

Exercising – done manually, it involves stretching exercises, or jelqing. This encourages a growth in the chambers of the penis by expanding and stretching. This happens because the muscle will tend to grow when done properly. This is a fairly simple technique where finesse is the only factor obviously contributing. There are a lot of male enhancement sites catering to those who opt for this technique. There are also those that offer free penis enlargement exercises that can expand your arsenal of penile work-out. While there are no independent results to base the effectiveness of this male enhancement procedure, as with other techniques, you can best decide on what you prefer to be simple and yet offer a convincing argument. And proponents of this technique don’t fall short on that.

Attaching weight and traction devices – working on the principle that stretching results to a larger penis, people who can’t trust their manual dexterity turns to mechanical devices to do the dirty work. Some of these devices are really weights that use gravity to stretch the length of the penis. Another way to stretch using a mechanical device is by traction. It works by putting a frame on the penis that introduces traction along the length hereby stretching it. A rather expensive device, it must only be used if you are really sure that the idea of stretching really does increase penis size. This can only be as effective as the male enhancement exercises but it can nullify the human factor in the procedure.

Using a vacuum pump – a staple of porn movies, this male enhancement technique has been around for awhile. It looks like an air pump used to inflate tires but it actually works oppositely. What it does is to introduce vacuum around the penis causing blood to rush into it. This influx of blood can promote an increase in penis size. Care must be taken though to not apply too much vacuum as this can result to ruptured blood vessels. This event is not unknown and common to those who care only about penis enlargement than over-all penile health.

Surgery – considered a desperate and drastic move for those who want a larger penis, this technique is highly intrusive and costly. While a highly cosmetic procedure, it didn’t prove to be an effective technique with many people claiming to experience many side effects and few beneficial effects. Unless the penis isn’t working the way it should be, this needs to be the last male enhancement procedure to opt to.

These are the ways on enlarging a man’s penis. The choice on which direction to take in enlarging one’s penis is solely dependent on what the person feel is best for him. Nevertheless, the procedures on enlarging one’s penis will no longer matter once the results are seen.

In addition to the techniques listed above, natural supplements and herbs and some natural pills are some of the most effective ways for male enhancement.