Penis Enlargement Techniques–How to Enlarge Your Penis

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The penis is basically a muscle. As with other muscles in the body, people believed that through proper techniques, the penis can grow bigger than it is. Basing on this notion, there are a lot of male enhancement products out there in the market.

While all claim to be effective, there are actually some that aren’t. All of them, however work on some basic principles that can contribute to a larger penis. The effectiveness though needs to be properly investigated in order to avoid wasting time and money on procedure that don’t actually work in the first place.

The general penis enlargement techniques and principles are:

Exercising – done manually, it involves stretching exercises, or jelqing. This encourages a growth in the chambers of the penis by expanding and stretching. This happens because the muscle will tend to grow when done properly. This is a fairly simple technique where finesse is the only factor obviously contributing. There are a lot of male enhancement sites catering to those who opt for this technique. There are also those that offer free penis enlargement exercises that can expand your arsenal of penile work-out. While there are no independent results to base the effectiveness of this male enhancement procedure, as with other techniques, you can best decide on what you prefer to be simple and yet offer a convincing argument. And proponents of this technique don’t fall short on that.

Attaching weight and traction devices – working on the principle that stretching results to a larger penis, people who can’t trust their manual dexterity turns to mechanical devices to do the dirty work. Some of these devices are really weights that use gravity to stretch the length of the penis. Another way to stretch using a mechanical device is by traction. It works by putting a frame on the penis that introduces traction along the length hereby stretching it. A rather expensive device, it must only be used if you are really sure that the idea of stretching really does increase penis size. This can only be as effective as the male enhancement exercises but it can nullify the human factor in the procedure.

Using a vacuum pump – a staple of porn movies, this male enhancement technique has been around for awhile. It looks like an air pump used to inflate tires but it actually works oppositely. What it does is to introduce vacuum around the penis causing blood to rush into it. This influx of blood can promote an increase in penis size. Care must be taken though to not apply too much vacuum as this can result to ruptured blood vessels. This event is not unknown and common to those who care only about penis enlargement than over-all penile health.

Surgery – considered a desperate and drastic move for those who want a larger penis, this technique is highly intrusive and costly. While a highly cosmetic procedure, it didn’t prove to be an effective technique with many people claiming to experience many side effects and few beneficial effects. Unless the penis isn’t working the way it should be, this needs to be the last male enhancement procedure to opt to.

These are the ways on enlarging a man’s penis. The choice on which direction to take in enlarging one’s penis is solely dependent on what the person feel is best for him. Nevertheless, the procedures on enlarging one’s penis will no longer matter once the results are seen.

In addition to the techniques listed above, natural supplements and herbs and some natural pills are some of the most effective ways for male enhancement.

Penis Enlargement Procedures – What Are The Options?

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Penis enlargement, or male enhancement, procedures have become quite common. This may have resulted from growing dissatisfaction among men, or women, about penis size. Or, it could have resulted from aggressive marketing from male enhancement companies.

Whatever the factors that pushed a man to have a penis enlargement procedure, it is important to know what the available methods for such a procedure are. This is important since it is always advantageous to be aware of what to expect and what are the risks. While there is a singular goal, a larger penis, there is a wide variety of male enhancement procedures that are present. Others can be more effective, while others can be more convenient.

Here are some male enhancement products:

1. Pills – modern-day technology certainly brings solutions in easy-to-take pill forms. The solution to a larger penis is no exception. Practically effortless to undergo, penis enlargement pills are the easiest method. Most pills claim in enlarging the Corpora Cavernosa, that part of your penis where most of the blood is held during erection. While most pills are considered safe by the FDA, there are those that are known to contain harmful substances. Be wary of these products, go for the approved ones.

2. Traction Devices – another penis enlargement procedure is using traction devices. A relatively new method, it is gaining ground due to claims of success. What it basically does is apply a constant traction on the penis. This triggers a growth mechanism over the length. This is due to new cells developing as the body adapts to this force. An expensive procedure to have, this is for people who only wants to have the highest success rate possible without resorting to surgery.

3. Patches – the answer for the quest of a larger penis doesn’t only come in pill form but in patches too. It works just like a nicotine patch where active ingredients are absorbed by the skin into the blood. These ingredients are almost the same to those found in pills. As with the pills, safety and effectiveness are pretty much dependent with the ingredients contained, and so are the side effects. It is however also convenient and non-intrusive.

4. Pumps – the penis enlargement pump has been around for awhile. It works on the principle that applying vacuum on the penis, blood rushes into it. The muscles then expand to their maximum and then break down. In lieu of the loss muscle mass, the body builds muscles, stronger and larger muscles. The pumps come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. One can choose from different models which basically operate on the same principles. Pumps are not only marketed as penis enhancement but also as a solution for erectile dysfunction.

5. Surgery – the most intrusive, yet effective male enhancement procedure. It is largely a cosmetic surgery and is not recommended for people with functioning penises. This is due to a high risk of complication that may deem the penis unusable except for peeing. It is also costly.

Whatever the procedure, know the risks involved. And there are certainly products that claim more than it can do. The best way is to seek professional advice on what penis enlargement procedure is most safe and effective.

Penis Enlargement, Anyone?

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Men are known to love to compare. What the other guy has, he must have something bigger. And the penis size is a usual point of comparison.

Insecurity about penis size among men is common simply because there is the idea that larger will always be better. As a result of this growing concern among men, penis enlargement, or male enhancement procedures have become common. But is it really necessary?

Much of the hype around the procedures can be traced back to the media. A great chunk of the pornographic materials in circulation presents a man with a bigger than average penis. And the woman partner seems to really enjoy it. This makes the viewer, a man, feel that he has to have a larger penis to have a chance at satisfying a woman.

This is compounded by a lot of advertisements and spam emails of some male enhancement companies telling people that not only does larger penis equate to sexual satisfaction but a smaller penis can deliver none at all. Fueled by a lot of negative ideas and marketing about penis size results to some men going into penis enlargement procedures. A huge majority of these men really doesn’t need it at all.

A normal penis size is three to four inches, that is when flaccid. When erect, an average penis size can measure from five to seven inches. A condition called micropenis can occur when the penis is shorter than three inches. This, however, does not hamper the ability to reproduce. And this is basically all that matters.

Men also are conditioned to think that women prefer a larger penis size. While this may hold true for some, probably for the more outspoken women, for the majority it doesn’t. Normal penis size is still preferred and it proves to be more than enough.

Vaginal nerves that are responsible for sensitivity can be found near the opening. This means that in satisfying a woman, a normal size penis is enough and a larger penis might be too much. This harmless excess, which men are actually going for in penis enlargement, can turn out to be more of a bane than a boon. A long penis’ tip can bash the cervix and cause pain in women. As the common saying goes – the size does not matter very much, it’s what you can do with it that matters.

Being exposed to a lot of advertisements about male enhancement and subtle hints in mass media that size matters can make a man think if he has enough – that is whether his penis is big enough. As was discussed earlier, he most certainly has enough.

While penis enlargement never is a moral issue, it is frowned upon by some people mainly because the decision to have one is based on unfounded claims and exaggerated statistics. If satisfaction is desired, there are more creative ways to go about it than simply sizing it up.

Talking and discussing with a partner on how best to satisfy can prove more helpful and resourceful. If you feel that it could be for you, despite all these arguments, consult a professional for safe male enhancement procedures that just might work for you. For the most part, it works well only on the ego.

There are many ways through which penis enlargement can be achieved, including pills, pumps and exercises. Special surgery is the extreme option that is very risky and costly and should be avoided.