What Causes Low Male Libido and How to Increase It

February 25, 2009 by  
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A problem that men face as they age is the fact that their sexual libido is on a downward spiral thereby affecting their capabilities in lovemaking. Thus, most men who are faced with this problem look for ways on how to increase libido. For sure, you have already seen so many online advertisements for libido enhancers and you wonder if these products really work. But before you buy a certain libido enhancer, it would be wise to know the reasons behind this loss of sexual drive.

Though a lot of men believe that age is primarily to blame because of their low libido, it is not the only one to blame for this condition. Many things are at play when you no longer feel the desire to have sex and this includes both psychological and physical factors. You would be surprised to know that in a majority of cases of decreased libido the reason is more of emotional than physical.

Stress can be a major contributor to the loss of libido. Having a hectic life can lead to depression and preoccupation that will rob you of your sexual drive. Of course, sex can be considered as a good way to relax, but you have to be a hundred percent ready before you can achieve total satisfaction and give the same to your sexual partner. Any negative feelings can kill your desires and lead to a poor performance. But if you know that nothing of the emotional sorts is causing your loss of libido, then you might wish to consider looking at the physiological causes.

Scientific studies show that the testosterone levels of men decrease by 10% every decade and this dip in testosterone levels can be blamed for low libido. Once a man experiences andropause, or male menopause, the testosterone levels are so low that performing during a sexual encounter is a big challenge.
Aside from the decreased sex drive, lower levels of testosterone can affect you in many ways. You might find your body fat increasing while your bone density decreases. Thinning of hair and irritability are also attributed to the lowering of testosterone levels.

If you feel you are suffering from a loss of libido and are attributing it to the fact that you are probably experiencing male menopause, you could go for the libido enhancers and libido boosters that are popular today. These products are good for your body because they aid in the production of testosterone and raises blood flow and oxidation. Not only that most products are formulated with proven aphrodisiacs which can surely increase libido.

A great thing about the products you see online is that they do not need you to secure prescription from your doctor, although it would be nice if you can consult one so that the reason, whether physiological or emotional, behind your libido loss is pinpointed.

You need not worry if you are experiencing a period of decreased sexual drive because there is a remedy for your situation. Along with regular exercise, proper diet, and the avoidance of stress, libido enhancers can surely improve your testosterone levels to a better mid-life sexual experience.