Ways of Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

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Unlike certain other medical problems, where the symptoms appear long after the disease has in fact started, in the case of erectile dysfunction, the disease is the symptom itself.

In order to permanently treat erectile dysfunction, it is important to identify and address the causes. If the more common erectile dysfunction treatments do not work, the elimination method would have to be used for isolating the cause for curing impotence. The process of diagnosis involves medical tests of all types.

The act of penis erection is a two-dimensional function that involves body and mind in equal measures. While the arousal is basically felt to be a mental function, the consummation of the process has a larger physical dimension to it. Hormones, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves have to contribute in a fully aligned manner to achieve proper penis erection.

So, malfunctioning of any of these can lead to erectile dysfunction. As blood vessels and nerves are involved in the process, physicians basically scan the existence of any neurological or cardiovascular problems in someone suffering from erectile dysfunction. Likewise hormonal levels are also checked to decide whether it is interfering with penis erection.

A method used for measuring the vascular pressure of the penis is called cavernosometry. In this process, fluid is pumped into the penis at a specific rate and pressure to measure the rate of infusion required for a rigid penis erection. A good penis erection requires seven times the normal blood flow into it and this test enables the physician to find out what blocks, or causes a leak in this flow.

Proper nerve functioning is equally important for a proper penis erection. When the nerves in the penis area become less sensitive, it can easily lead to erectile dysfunction. Such insensitivity can result from the continued use of certain drugs, or damage to brain or spinal cord, or even trauma.

Those people suffering from diabetes from a comparatively early age can easily become victims of erectile dysfunction. Doctors always check for the connection with a pre-existing disease and erectile dysfunction, while trying to establish the cause. Elimination method in treating erectile dysfunction also makes the process less expensive.

Chronic use of drug or alcohol is sufficient cause to make a person suffer from erection problems. Where a patient has these problems, it is generally concluded that his erectile dysfunction is directly connected to it. Other tests are not ordered under such circumstances. More tests would become necessary only if the erectile dysfunction problem persists even after the individual is de-addicted.

Likewise, a person may have erection problems after a prostrate cancer surgery. Doctors often tell prostrate cancer patients of the probability of development of erectile dysfunction after the operation. They also help them to choose the type of cancer treatment based on this knowledge.

Luckily, there are many erectile dysfunction natural herb treatments and erectile dysfunction drugs that can be used to eliminate this problem, so any man suffering from this condition is now able to live a fuller sexual life.