The Negative Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Although erectile dysfunction treatments have helped men get rid of their impotence problems, erectile dysfunction drugs can have some side effects. The term side effects, with reference to drugs, refer to those effects of a medicine, other than its required therapeutic effect.

All the three popular erectile dysfunction drugs, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, have side effects, though these are comparatively few. Doctors always warn the patients undergoing erectile dysfunction treatment about the possible side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs and sometimes prescribe supplementary medicines to minimize those effects.

All the erectile dysfunction drugs that are in the market today react negatively with nitrates. Those who are taking nitrate containing drugs for chest pain or a heart problem should never take any of these three erectile dysfunction drugs. These drugs can also have negative reactions in combination with alpha blockers, a medication used in the treatment of enlarged prostrate.

Besides that, some people could be allergic to any of these three erectile dysfunction drugs, even if they are not on any other medication. Sometimes an allergic reaction could be mild, and amenable to treatment. But if it is of a more serious type, it would be advisable to avoid using whichever of the three erectile dysfunction drugs that is causing the problem.

Minor negative problems have been reported in the users of all the three erectile dysfunction drugs. More than 16% of Viagra users have complained of headaches, while 7% have reported digestive problem, and 4% was found to have nasal congestion. Diarrhea and urinary tract infections are the problem of 3% of users. Statistics of Cialis and Levitra are also not entirely different from the other two erectile dysfunction drugs.

These numbers may not be accurate, since variations are seen based on different studies. There could be unreported cases, and severity of reaction also varies from person to person. And people have different medical histories and pre-existing problems as well. Because of all that, it is not possible to say accurately, how much of these reactions are just side effects of the erectile dysfunction drugs they have been using and how much is the result of a combination of other factors with erectile dysfunction treatment.

In a very small percentage of men using erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra, permanent loss of vision has been reported. This is a condition known as NAION or Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Though it has not been fully established how much the erectile dysfunction drug has contributed to this state of affairs, people who have any form of retinal disorder should not take any of the drugs without a complete clearance from the doctor.

Penile implants can also have side effects. A reaction to anesthesia, tissue scarring, and need for corrective surgical procedure and replacing the implant, are the possible negative problems for those undergoing erectile dysfunction treatment by prosthetic implants.

Even counseling, as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, is not completely without its negative upshots. Every counselor does a bit of jabbing in the dark, whether he is treating erectile dysfunction or a workplace problem. He may diagnose the root cause of the impotence wrongly and give advice based on his analysis. For example, he may force the patient to involve his partner also in the counseling for erectile dysfunction. But the partner’s temperament may not be suitable to open discussions with strangers and by bringing her into the session, the counselor may cause his patient to lose whatever goodwill he had so far had from his partner.

No drug or discipline in the world may be totally free from some side effects. But generally speaking, the benefits from erectile dysfunction drugs far outweigh its possible negative effects.

There are several natural remedies for erectile dysfunction which do not have any negative effects, and many men have successfully eliminated their erection dysfunction problems using these remedies.