Prognosis of Erectile Dysfunction

April 6, 2009 by  
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In the past, treatment options for erectile dysfunction were very limited. It was not a matter discussed in open, and patients themselves found it difficult to acknowledge the problem. However, significant changes have occurred in the field of erectile dysfunction treatments in the last two decades.

About an average 15% of the population in USA is found to be suffering from impotence, or erectile dysfunction. This includes even people who had the problem for short periods of two or three month. And it is difficult to say whether this is the real number, since not everyone who have erection problems do not seek medical help.

As older people have more erection problems, among senior citizens the incidence of erectile dysfunction is bound to be quite high. The coming into the scene of drug giants like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra has changed the erectile dysfunction treatment options completely. After the drugs’ approval by the FDA in 1998, millions have benefitted from these and are leading far more satisfying and fuller sexual lives.

Due to the increase in treatment options, the negative side effects from the existing types of erectile dysfunction treatments have decreased. However, there are still problems related to the use of erectile dysfunction drugs for people with liver problems, or multiple sclerosis.

Viagra has been found to be exceptionally effective in erectile dysfunction treatments, but even this is not completely free of side effects. About 11% to 16% of users reportedly have headaches as a result of taking the drug.

An array of causes like depression, lack of self esteem, or relationship problems, which were not formerly felt to be leading to erectile dysfunction, has now been found to be directly or indirectly connected to it. This realization, and the overall removal of the stigma attached to the problem, has vastly improved the success rate of erectile dysfunction treatment.

There are some very effective natural remedies that have helped millions of men get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction. These remedies do not have any side effects.