Physical Causes That Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

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The causes of erectile dysfunction span a wide spectrum of mental and physical problems. Some of these can be of such an ephemeral nature that it could even be due to a change of a sexual partner, or an unfamiliar setting, or alcohol use. There are also more enduring ones resulting from medical diseases such as diabetes.

However, the borderline sometimes gets blurred between a temporary erectile dysfunction and a more lasting one. Certain bladder related or prostate related surgeries can lead to impotence. This could last for a couple of months, sowing a bit of confusion in the sufferer’s mind as to whether it is a fleeting problem or will continue like that. Surgery related erectile dysfunction problems mostly disappear after a certain period.

Impotence problems resulting from spinal cord injuries or nerves related problems are found to be more lasting than those resulting from bladder or prostate surgeries. Here the problem mainly arises from insufficient nerve signals. However, even those erectile dysfunction problems that do not get rectified on its own, are amenable to treatment.

There are other diseases, or non-surgical procedures, that tend to lead to temporary or lasting impotence. Radiation on testicles as a treatment for cancer is one such. Then there is a condition known as Hypogonadism, which results in reduced production of the hormone testosterone. Peyronie’s disease produces scar tissue beneath the penis, as a result of which the male organ curves and can become unable to get filled with enough blood for an erection. All these can cause short-term or long-term impotence.

Yet another condition that leads to erectile dysfunction is multiple sclerosis. While all these conditions are comparatively rare, diabetes has become a very common potential cause for erectile dysfunction. Since it is affecting more and more people of the younger generation, many of them stand a chance of having impotence related problems due to the effect of the disease on nerves or blood vessels.

However, whatever the cause of their origin, most impotence problems are amenable to treatment. In the case of diabetes, since treatment for the problem is better evolved now, most erectile dysfunction problems arising from it is completely curable. Even where complete cure has not been possible, drugs or implants work for most people to the extent that they are able to have a satisfactory sex life.

Hypertension is also a medical condition that could contribute to getting an erectile dysfunction problem. Further, hypertension, even if it did not produce any impotence problem, could cause a stroke, which in turn could lead to a temporary or lasting impotence problem.

In today’s fast world, there is a wide range of factors that could lead to an erectile dysfunction problem. But the good news is that erectile dysfunction treatments have evolved well and fast so that the suffering that could ensue from the problem is substantially reduced. There are some effective home remedies that can get rid of your problem and you can be able to satisfy your sexual partner and have fun in the bedroom again.